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Eye Infection 2015-2017 Postings

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Kiran, India     29/12/2017 @17:12:10

It’s very much helpful. My 2 months old baby’s eye problems are totally cured. But always remember one thing, whenever and whatever home remedies or natural remedies u follow, try it on yourselves. First im trying then applying on my baby with positive results.        

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Ruth, Benefits of Honey     24/12/2017 @10:12:23

Ace, honey has worked for people with cataract but I’m not sure if it is a sure-cure. You may want to try honey diluted with water and use it as an eye bath a few times a day instead. Also, as not all honeys are equal, try changing to another raw honey to see if it makes any difference.        

Ace, United States     

23/12/2017 @23:08:54

Hi, I have a question. I have cataract in both eyes, one is more sever as it is blurry. I have been applying Raw Honey, not diluting it so I would get maximum results, however I have been applying for over 30 days, and am not seeing any noticeable results? I am curious, is there something that I am doing wrong? I apply honey direct to the eye, each night, before going to bed.

I typically do not like putting honey in my eyes in the morning, want to get to work and not have any redness or rubbing of the eyes in the morning (As I feel like I tend to rub my eyes a lot more in the morning as I wake up). Can someone please shed some insight as to what I could be doing wrong?        

Kerry, Singapore     30/11/2017 @00:04:17

I have been fighting allergic / bacterial conjunctivitis for the longest time. Also used whiteners like Visine and Rohto and Naphcon but those have rebound effect. Dextracin (dexamethasone and neomycin) was the only thing that worked but it was too slow.

I just tried equal parts honey and tap water from a small dropper and yes the sting (but nothing compared to Rohto sting) and my eye is already looking whiter and it feels really comfortable.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/11/2017 @01:08:27

Gary, so long as the honey is 100% pure, uncontaminated and unadulterated. I guess no harm trying?        

Gary, India     02/11/2017 @03:51:29

Is organic honey good for eyes? Please tell me.        

Spring, United States     29/10/2017 @12:47:13

I used Susy Bee and distilled water mixed 2-1 ratio. I used it to treat my own eye infections. Now I’m treating my 17 yr old sons eye infection. He is used to me healing him with natural methods. I will recommend to all when applying the drops. To apply in both eyes from the start! Those infections like to spread to the other eye. Might as well treat both at the same time to prevent the healthy eye from infection!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     08/10/2017 @09:35:17

Not sure about that, Sam, so far nobody has shared about this in this forum. But if you google, honey seems to be a possible cure. I guess no harm trying?        

Sam, India     07/10/2017 @13:04:47

Does it cure brown pigmentation in sclera of eyes?? Pls anyone reply.        

Donna, United States     22/09/2017 @13:23:49

I heard from the Lord “put honey in your eyes” I have conjuntivitis. I have never heard of putting honey in your eyes! I looked it up on the internet and found this site. Last night I did it and had much relief. I will continue until it is gone. Thanks for the confirmation.        

Ulla, United States     18/09/2017 @18:48:22

Shortly after learning that I had cataracts and scheduling surgery, I heard that honey might cure cataracts. No details supplied. So it decided to try it while waiting for my surgery date. One tiny drop pure home grown honey twice a day. In two weeks my vision had improved drastically, blurries gone and small print readable again. First I postponed the surgery, later I cancelled it. Now 6 months later I am seeing fine print that I hadn’t seen in years.

For maintenance I now use diluted honey once day.

I am 74 years old.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     02/09/2017 @16:23:45

Diluting the honey is recommended for 3 reasons – 1) easier application onto the eyes 2) many people find it too stinging on the eyes 3) the diluted version works well as an eye bath. Some varietals of honey are rather runny even without any diluting with water, so these may be easier to apply on the eyes.

Yes, we have also heard of honey lightening the iris too, but we reckon that one probably needs to apply honey on the eyes rather frequently for some time for the hydrogen peroxide to lighten and change the color of the eyes. A one-time application is not likely to have an impact on the color.        

Chris, United Kingdom     02/09/2017 @05:27:31

Hi, thanks for all the great information. I see that you recommend diluting raw honey with distilled water and using as eye drops. Is there any reason not to just put raw honey straight into the eyes using a clean finger?

I have been reading that putting honey/honey eye drops in the eyes might lighten the iris. Whilst some people might see this as a good thing, I have deep brown eyes and don’t want to permanently lighten them. Do you think this is a risk?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     25/08/2017 @10:30:19

Becky, most commercial Manuka honey comes in the creamed form to prevent crystallisation. You can add a little warm water to the honey and mix for easy application.        

Becky, United States     24/08/2017 @16:23:42

I have a quick question! I have the Manuka honey and I’ve bought distilled water to mix it with. The Manuka honey is SO thick, does the water need to be boiled or heated to help the honey mix in?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     18/08/2017 @14:08:16

Becky, You see many different mixes because different individuals have different needs. People with more sensitive eyes would tend to dilute the honey with more water, and people who are not afraid of the stinging pain are more likely to use honey without mixing with any water, and so on. There is no one fixed rule, so you may want to go with a more diluted version for the first trial and work out gradually how much water to best add for yourself.        

Becky, United States     18/08/2017 @10:01:53

I’m wanting to try the manuka honey eye drops but I’ve read so many different mixes I’m not sure how much honey to use and how much distilled water. Would it be something like 2 tsps of each? Also, has anyone heard of using rose water in place of the distilled water?        

Colleen, United States     04/08/2017 @03:56:11

I used honey and bottled water drops to cure severe conjunctivitis caused by not removing my contact lenses often enough. I had photophobia so bad, I couldn’t even open my eyes when trying to light a cigarette!! The honey cured it within a day or so.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     02/08/2017 @20:15:10

Helen, I guess no harm giving it a try. But do be aware of the possible stinging effects on the eyes.        

Helen, United States     02/08/2017 @14:08:04

When I get up in the morning sometimes it feels like I can’t open my eyes. Almost as if my lids were stuck to my eyeball. Do you think the honey eye drops would help with this. It is something I have not experienced before. The optometrist gave me a prescription last year for allergic conjunctivitis, however, I haven’t used it recently.        

Kuldip, United Kingdom     17/07/2017 @00:40:52

Just tried honey in my eyes. Wow instantly my eyes became so fresh & bright after few tears. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Wishing you all good day.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     10/07/2017 @18:23:15

Joseph, the lemon juice eye bath is amazing! It’s incredible that we can find so many effective remedies right from our kitchen!

I am eager to know what Manuka honey could do for your condition. Hope you could share with us your experience after you have tried it. Thank you in advance!        

Joseph, United States     10/07/2017 @15:53:19

I read all reviews regarding honey and its impact on eye diseases. More than 75% of reviews were favorable which is encouraging. Few were discouraged by unfavorable results.

I have been using 90-95% pure water and 5-10% lemon juice in a small eye dropper for the last two weeks. After few days, I stopped experiencing most of visual disturbances due to glaucoma. My vision is clear and nicely bright. I sense my peripheral vision area got the most benefit and feels strengthened. No more dark fluid appearing in the corners of my eyes! I can say with confidence that the risk of going blind is lifted.

Latanoprost and Lumigan gave me bloody eyes and constant burning sensation even after few hours of using them. I stopped using them. They did not help me at all. The combination I use is once in the morning and once before bedtime. I place eye dropper at the corner of my peripheral vision. I experience pain for around two to three minutes. Ten minutes later, I wash my eyes.

Following that, I mix water with salt and gargle my throat to remove any residue that slips through unto my throat.

Finally, I just received Manuka honey. I intend to try it. However; I am enjoying the result of water and lemon juice and I hope the treatment works indefinitely.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/07/2017 @09:19:25

Becky, I believe you mean Manuka honey (and not Makuna honey), right? Well, any floral varietal of pure, raw honey is fine. Manuka honey may have the added healing properties, but it may not be available to everyone.        

Becky, United States     07/07/2017 @09:09:23

Quick question! I am interested in trying this for my blepharitis. I’ve read other articles talking about makuna honey. When raw honey is mentioned in this article, is it talking about makuna or just any raw honey? Is there anything in a product’s description that I should be looking for to make sure it is what I should be using? Thanks for the help!!        

Jennifer, United Kingdom     03/07/2017 @10:29:01

I have tried this on my 12 yr old dog who was blind in one eye, he has dry eye and I have to clean them 2 or 3 times a day as his eyes were so gunged up. Since using honey at night is eye have improved, missed one night and next morning his eyes were really bad. He can now see and his eyes are so much clearer. Have to do it every night but when you get such good results you don’t mind and so much cheaper than his $46 a tube ointment that is not so good.        

Nel, United Kingdom     02/07/2017 @02:50:02

Used manuka honey in eye drops after I got a poke in the eye. I was concerned that my eye became red and may have been developing an infection. I made up the drops up as directed and, two days on, my eye appears clear and not at all inflamed.        

Michele, United States     10/06/2017 @08:06:47

I used this on my 4 year old daughter, who had an eye inflammation. The pediatrician had sent us to an ophthalmologist. She prescribed a steroid eye drop that I was leery of using, due to side effects and rampant over-prescribing of steroids in the U.S. I had found this same formulation on another site for children. We used it for 3 days, worked like a charm after two. No steroids.

I also used on a poison ivy rash that was through several layers of skin. This along with plantain grass and blue vervain healed up my arm with no scarring. It’s absolutely amazing how the body heals with natural remedies. And how we’ve been indoctrinated over the years to turn to prescription drugs first…        

Cindy, Canada     28/05/2017 @15:35:28

Thank you for the recipe. I keep getting Conjunctivitis, and its always just in the corners of my eyes. Its really uncomfortable, burns, my eyes stick together. I used polysporn eye drops last time, and it didn’t take away the discomfort and burning feeling. I tried the honey and water solution and it worked great. It stung for a sec, but then took away all the pain. Thank you.        

Cathy, Unites States     28/05/2017 @10:15:08

I used this solution only after the medicine I received from the doctor didn’t work. I couldn’t believe it worked and basically free since we keep and use raw honey all the time.        

Samuel, Ghana     19/05/2017 @17:06:44

I have read about this article, I’m now going to try it. I will testify myself after using it. God bless u.        

Robert, Canada     05/05/2017 @12:55:42

I used a raw honey treatment about 25 years ago and my eyes went from 230-250 to 220 230. Then I used it again about 16 years ago for dry eyes. Now I am 70 and this last two years I started using 1.25 reading glasses and could not watch tv for more than an hour without having my eyes burn. I also have blurry vision in one eye. I started using the raw honey about 8 days ago and wishing one day noticed the difference.

Tv does not bother my eyes , I don’t wake up during the night with dry painful eyes and I am reading books in good light without glasses. I was always picking at my blurry eye thinking that it was my eye lash blaring it. It is getting less blurry every day and I am no longer picking at my eye lash. I do it only once a day and put the raw honey directly into the eye with a medicine dropper. Burns for about 30 seconds and then I wash with warm water to remove the stickiness.        

Ellen, United States     28/04/2017 @02:47:39

About 30 years ago, my mother, a huge Paavo Airola fan, was diagnosed with a cataract but did not tell me. She went home and commenced doing everything her health food books said to do, Vitamin B2, plus rutin, etc. (I don’t recall everything) and most notably putting one drop of high quality health food store honey in her eye at night. One year later she went back to the eye doctor, and her cataract was gone. Only then did she tell me.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     24/04/2017 @22:40:22

Maxine, It’s not pollen. It sounds like the Manuka honey has crystallised (reason why all Manuka honeys are creamed) so it seems there is a lot of grit in it. You could put the solution into a small jar and place it over a warm water bath and the sugar crystals will go back to its original liquid state. (Liquid honey works a lot easier in terms of application on the eyes compared to creamed honey.)        

Maxine, Australia     25/04/2017 @16:17:15

I have just made a solution of approximately 1 third honey. Ive used manuka honey and it seems to have a lot of what looks like grit in it. I assume this is the pollen. Im wondering whether to throw the solution out and make it just with supermarket honey? What do you think?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     24/04/2017 @22:40:22

LyNel, we haven’t come across that, but you may want to do a Ctrl + F to search (in the same page: http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/eye-infection.html ) for posts on using honey to treat blurry vision. Anyone who have had cataract surgery and experience with applying honey for blurry vision and dry eyes caused by blue light? Please share? Thanks!        

LyNel, United States     24/04/2017 @21:59:41

Have had cataract surgery. Having troubles with blurry vision & the blue light from screens. Would Manuka honey help with blurry vision & blue light causing dry eyes? Would the Manuka honey hurt this plastic lens in my eyes from the cataract surgery?        

Allan, New Zealand     06/04/2017 @05:40:18

Used Manuka honey in my bacterial infected right eye,about three drops using a cotton bud.IT stung a little,but after an hour the infection seemed to subside.After weeks of trying eye drops,this seemed to be working.The strength of the honey is umf10.        

Siyabonga Mkabela, South Africa     26/03/2017 @09:50:56

I thank God for this website and the people behind it. It’s heart warming to know there are still many who dedicate their talents and time to advancing peace and perfect health. God bless the bees. God bless the plains and the various forms of life that support human beings existence. All we need to do is to protect our beautiful planet then LIFE will be added unto us.        

Stephanie, United States     23/03/2017 @08:28:04

Manuka honey eye drops improved my eye which was always really itchy from a childhood injury.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     09/03/2017 @16:46:19

Barbara, I would stop using honey for the eyes if it is making the condition worse.        

Barbara, United States     09/03/2017 @13:27:01

I am just starting the suggestions for cataracts. Would someone who had success with this please tell me how long before they saw an improvement? My eyes seem to become more cloudy after I use the drops and that worries me.        

Loretta, United States     06/03/2017 @11:45:58

Interested in obtaining information from study being made. Have a serious dry eye problem, most drugs on the market are ridiculously expensive and cannot be afforded by the average retiree. Thanks for your help.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     24/02/2017 @10:50:15

Ebeth, we haven’t come across any report on using honey as an eye drop for cats or other animals.        

Ebeth, South Africa     23/02/2017 @11:24:23

Can I use this for my cat who is developing cataracts and eye infections?       

 Ruth, Benefits of Honey     31/01/2017 @16:59:23

Hannah, I have read about using creamed honey as a gel for the eyes, but apparently it is not as convenient and easy to apply compared to liquid honey. To convert creamed honey back to its original liquid state, simply leave the jar for about half to an hour in a warm water bath. Raw honey doesn’t necessarily mean honey with high pollen content, it just means unheated, unpasteurised honey. Honey that is micro-filtered is pollen free and when mixed with water, gives a very clear liquid.

Unfiltered honey rich in pollen makes a cloudy drink when mixed with water. So far, we haven’t come across issues related to pollen in honey when it’s used as an eye-drop. This page may be useful to you: Frequently Asked Information About Honey.

Also, not all Manuka honeys are equal. Quality and amount of antibacterial properties can vary tremendously. Ref: Manuka UMF and Other Activity Terms Explained.        

Hannah, Thailand     14/02/2017 @11:24:03

I have a question. I have used 100 % pure supermarket honey after diluting it. It worked very well. So I purchased Manuka honey. It is 100% raw honey which contains high pollen count. I am a bit worried of the pollen part. Is it okay to use into eyes? It is creamy and not liquid which is what I have used. I used that Manuka honey drop yesterday but I felt my eyes were reddened (maybe because I was worried of the pollen??)

Does anyone know if it is okay? Manuka raw honey has high pollen count. Is it okay to use into eyes??        

Velia Lauerman, United States      03/02/2017 @08:47:34

So grateful.        

John, United States      02/02/2017 @13:03:46

Thank you for the info.        

Marianna, Australia      29/01/2017 @18:49:37

In 1981 I cured my father in law of Cataracts … his eyes (both) were so pale blue from the full covering of the cataract … I had read for cataracts…” a drop of liquid honey in corner of eye at night would be helpful” ~ Paavo Airola, PhD (a naturopath), 1974, “How to Get Well” p. 161 ” and with faith did this for my father in Law… in no time his eyes were cleared, although painful with the drop of honey in each eye, he soon had BRIGHT BLUE EYES and Clear Vision.

He came to me one day and thanked me…showing me some of his writing before his treatment then a beautiful writing after his treatment, showing me the difference and thanked me for his clear vision… since then I have used water and honey to clear my eyes and have shared it with many people…        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     31/01/2017 @16:59:23

Simone, most honey from local farmers and stores would have already been filtered to remove any particles that could scratch the eyes. If you are using honey from your own beehives, those nylon strainer bags from hardwares shops will do the job.        

Simone, United States      30/01/2017 @21:14:23

How can the honey be filtered to ensure no particles will remain and risk to scratch the eye? Apparently this is a huge risk.        

Marianna, Australia      29/01/2017 @18:49:37

In 1981 I cured my father in law of Cataracts … his eyes (both) were so pale blue from the full covering of the cataract … I had read for cataracts…” a drop of liquid honey in corner of eye at night would be helpful” ~ Paavo Airola, PhD (a naturopath), 1974, “How to Get Well” p. 161 ” and with faith did this for my father in Law… in no time his eyes were cleared, although painful with the drop of honey in each eye, he soon had BRIGHT BLUE EYES and Clear Vision.

He came to me one day and thanked me…showing me some of his writing before his treatment then a beautiful writing after his treatment, showing me the difference and thanked me for his clear vision… since then I have used water and honey to clear my eyes and have shared it with many people…        

Lynne, United States      18/01/2017 @13:25:01

I never would have believed it but a 90 year old swore by it and she could see clearly without glasses.        

Khadija Fekkak, United States      15/12/2016 @19:04:22

I been using honey as eye drops, it’s good.        Kimberley Craig, United Kingdom      30/10/2016 @17:35:24

I have just bought some manuka honey to try, I have blepharitis hopefully this helps.        Tonya, United States     15/10/2016 @11:24:03

I suspect it would sting less if you mixed the honey with preservative free saline solution instead of plain water. The closer to the makeup of actual tears the better. Water does not have the correct pH or salt content.        

Mj, United States     07/10/2016 @12:34:09

I’ve been told I have inflammation in one eye and suffer from dry eyes. I’m going to try this and report back.        

Kathryn, Austria     30/08/2016 @08:15:08

I went to the eye doctor last week. He diagnosed blepharitis and gave me cleaning lotion and drops. They inflamed my eyes more. I saw the Daily Mail article last night, mixed a solution of honey and water and bathed my eyes with it. This morning, eyes are no longer dry, gritty and red and the eye doctor’s lotion and drops didn’t inflame my eyes. It’s hardly believable, I know…. but…        

Carla, United States     30/07/2016 @22:09:31

Hi! I’m originally from Portugal and when I was a child my dad learned a lot of natural treatments and natural remedies. One of them was the honey and lemon. I remember that one time (I was 6 years old) and my dad used honey and lemon to cure a very bad conjunctivitis. He would put honey one time and lemon another time (in my eyes) and, not too long after that, I was free of that conjunctivitis!

Until this day I use honey and lemon every time I have some kind of problem. I have one sty in each eye and I’m doing honey at night and lemon in the morning and I feel much better!        

Gena, United States     28/07/2016 @04:14:56

Thank you so much for this article I immediately tried this after my eyes became severely itchy. Within 5 minutes the itching stopped after applying raw honey to my eyes. Wow amazing, I will be sharing this great news!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     25/07/2016 @09:45:15

Jessy, honey has been mentioned as a cataract remedy. However, we are not medical doctors and are unable to advise whether you should use Manuka honey or go for the surgery. We serve as a honey resource web and a platform to allow anyone to share their knowledge and experience with honey. We suggest that you do a Ctrl + F to search (in the same page: http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/eye-infection.html ) for relevant posts on the use of honey for cataract and you decide whether you should go for it.        

Jessy, Malaysia     25/07/2016 @00:55:32

Hi I went to see an eye doctor last week and he diagnosed a cataract in my left eye and suggested for a cataract surgery. However I have read about Manuka Honey solution for eye and would like to know if this solution will clear the cataract because I have fear going in for the cataract surgery. I have done a cataract surgery for my right eye last 7 years back and had no problem just eyes get very dry and had to use natural tears to lubricate. Also when I look at computer or ipad for too long then I get a double vision in the eye that was operated.

My question is I would like to cure my eyes naturally and if Manuka Honey will clear the cataract I rather try this instead of going in for surgery. Please advise. Thank you.       

Lindy, New Zealand     24/07/2016 @03:24:45

Yesterday I woke with an acute attack of Conjunctivitis. The works: red eye discharging profusely; headache, swelling of eye and upper lid to mid cheek; general feeling of malaise. I did not want to have any antibiotics but also wanted to have as few days as possible off work. I googled the condition and was disheartened with what I read until I stumbled across this website and liked the information. As I had some honey given to me as a gift I prepared 1 tsp of (thick) honey in 1 tsp of boiling water.

I put it in my eye with a sterilised dropper WOW the STING!! I gently wiped the upper and lower lid with the mixture as well. I did this hourly (maybe excessive??) for about 5 hours and then again once or twice over the afternoon and evening and before bed. I could feel the improvement over the day. (I also took high dose of Vitamin C). This morning I woke with a much improved eye. Redness had decreased to mild pinkness; headache and malaise all gone. I applied some more drops (ouch).

Now (evening of second day) you can barely tell there was a problem! I will be back at work tomorrow. Thank you for this information, it worked for me!        

Demi Mills, United States     02/07/2016 @01:10:27

I woke up yesterday morning with my upper eye lid swollen and my vision a bit blurry and my eye felt as if something were in it. Everyone suggests I have pink eye and perhaps I might. My eye is crusty and tearing steadily. So, I put a drop of pure honey in my eye. I did not dilute it. Wow!! It burned so bad!! I guess I should have read more about how to use!! Anyway it is bed time and I pray it has improved in the morning!! I’ll keep you posted!!        

Ana, United States     24/06/2016 @18:26:32

Hello, has anyone here who had Lasik surgery for myopia after 1 year and a half tried manuka honey on their eyes? Did it work? Is there a chance to treat these stupid dry eyes?        

Annie, United Kingdom     14/06/2016 @17:40:52

Hi. Manuka honey can be very expensive. If you research Scottish heather honey, it is evidently just as effective and much cheaper!!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/06/2016 @09:33:10

Varun Gautam, we haven’t heard of using honey to treat myopia.        

Varun Gautam, India     06/06/2016 @13:09:46

Can I use honey to correct my myopic vision if I have -4.5 diopter for both eyes?        

Fhad Oladipo, Nigeria     04/06/2016 @02:40:37

Sincerely I have tried it just before I logged here but I have gotten more help and solutions here… Thanks to the author… Kudos guys… I really appreciate it.        

Donfodio, United States     29/05/2016 @00:11:48

I made a 20% solution with Y.S. Bee manuka 15+ honey and was very happy with the eye drops. My visual acuity improved and my eye lids got noticeably thinner.        

Rich, United States     25/05/2016 @23:14:59

I have cronic eye allergies. I was using an otc eye anti-histamine drop up to 10 times a day. A co-worker told me about this honey remedy. As I’ve read in articles where many people are skeptical, I was skeptical too. I disregarded her information about this honey/water eye wash until I had a few really bad eye days in a row and felt I needed to try something.

I made this mixture of ~2 cups of warm to hot water with 6 teaspoons of pure grocery store honey. Mix until dissolved. Apply with a washcloth for ~10 minutes. I, now, use a drop a day, or less, of the otc anti-histamine drops and my eyes feel great. I do this 2x daily. My eyes feel relief immediately. I only wish I had taken her seriously sooner.        

Patricia, Canada     21/05/2016 @23:11:49

I use honey for a sore throat. An old one I got from a bee-keppers son. Sitting with irritated eyes which has been going on for a while I just decided to apply it externally under the lower eyelid. Soothing and reduced swelling. Then I looked up honey and eyes. Luckily I have raw honey. I will try a mixture for inside. I thinking I am allergic to eye makeup and face creams.       

amazing eye infection 2015-2017 postings image

Mdison, United Kingdom     16/05/2016 @05:31:18

I had a bout of Blepharitis eight years ago which was treated with an anti-biotic eye drop and it cleared it after a week. Four months ago and eight years later, I noticed my eyes blurring when I watched tv, I thought my eyes were getting worse so I went to the optician who told me my sight hadn’t deteriorated, but I had Blepharitis ‘oh! I said’

So I went to the doctor and was given a course of anti-biotic drops which didn’t work, then I had a course of anti-biotic cream which didn’t work then he prescribed me oral anti-biotics ‘Lymecycline Capsules’ which I was very sceptical about taking as I’m not good at tolerating oral anti-biotics so I didn’t take them and thought I’d try honey as I had seen an article on a guy who had cured his Blepharitis using this method.

By the way I suffer also with dry eye, which makes my eyes light sensitive, itchy, burning and tearing. By this time my eyes were very sore, very red, tearing, blurring and I had developed five small pin prick cysts/styes inside the bottom lid of each eye, which was causing the eyes to blur so I thought right, I’m going to buy some honey. I bought Tesco’s value clear honey at 99p a jar and applied it to the bottom lid of both eyes with a cotton wool bud gently running it along the eyelashes before

I went to bed. A little ran into each eye, which did sting quite a bit but once I wiped a little away after my eyes teared it was fine. In the morning I couldn’t believe it, for the first time in four months I hadn’t awoken with blurred vision and when I pulled my lower lids down, only one cyst/stye remained in my left eye. I repeated this the next night and the next morning I was cyst/stye free.

I have continued this ritual every night for the last four months and my eyes are cyst/stye free and I only use my dry eye drops once a day now.

I shall continue to do this forever, after all, it only takes a few minutes!! I hope this helps. There is light at the end of the tunnel my friendsl!!!!        

Sandra, United Kingdom     11/05/2016 @15:25:55

I have put Manuka Honey into my eyes for 2 years now, without any side effects what so ever. My eyes were dry and itchy. Drops from the doctor, or some I bought myself, did nothing. I place a good finger full on top of each eyelid every night for 15 minutes. I thn Sit on the couch with kitchen roll under my chin, so to stop running of honey on my clothes. The effects have been amazing. I have cataracts also on both eyes. Had them about 5 years.

Last week having my yearly eye test, the optician was just amazed at how healthy my eyes were looking inside.

Still got the cataracts, but they appear to be reducing in size. I shall continue my practice of honey in my eyes now for as long as I live. Don’t be afraid of letting honey run into your eyes.. Safer than other stuff over the counter!!! I am 72 years old by the way.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     22/04/2016 @11:28:50

Trevor, reading the posts of others, honey has definitely worked as an eye-drop for some but not for all.        

Trevor Madzvamuse, Zimbabwe     20/04/2016 @15:01:26

Does it surely work putting real raw honey in the eye. If so what is the secret? What l know about honey benefits is its medicinal properties which play a vital role on immune boosting, detoxification, removal of kidney stones, it fights allegy, for dressing wounds, treating ulcers, improving homoestasis and memory boosting. I never knew it is also an eye remedy. l will try it…        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/04/2016 @11:11:29

Ebbie, It may help, depending on what is causing the blurriness. Read about others’ condition and experience on the page.        

Ebbie, Ghana     17/04/2016 @08:43:04

Please, I sometimes see things in a blur. Can this honey solution help me?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/04/2016 @11:06:40

Eva, if there are no issues with the quality and purity of the honey and water used, your eyes may be too sensitive to use this mixture. Read about others’ experience on this page.        

Eva, United States     16/04/2016 @14:16:59

Why is my eye so red after cleaning it with honey and water mixture?        

Berenice, France     13/04/2016 @12:25:10

Can someone please explain how to use the honey for blepharitis? David (from UK), you say that you dabbed it on your eyes, but how long do you leave it on? do you wash it off? I just tried supermarket brand acacia honey. I put it on and left it overnight. I won’t do this ever again. It left a burning sensation in my eyes and eyelids the whole day after.
I hope that someone can help.        

Analise, United States     22/02/2016 @15:35:23

Huge fan of honey eye wash from the very first time I used it. I do equal parts pure local honey and boiling water, mix, let cool. Then I use a sterilized dropper and put two drops in my eye. It stings at first, but within a minute it soothes. My eye infection cleared up within a day. A DAY. Now I recommend it to friends, and they are healed quickly and use honey eye washes for any infection or stye they get.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/02/2016 @17:32:47

Sally, it does sting. Read the article and the postings by others again. You may want to dilute the honey with pure water if it stings too much.        

Sally, Canada     05/02/2016 @23:59:16

It stings my eyes…am I doing something wrong?        

Oyarebu Jemegah, Nigeria     27/12/2015 @14:43:35

I have started using honey as an eye drop in both of eyes, it really works.        

Kathy, South Africa     16/12/2015 @11:14:24

I cannot see out my left eye, I am trying honey, I can’t afford medical. Need a home and car, what a life, so I hope this will help my eye.        

HH, Malaysia     02/12/2015 @16:48:05

I have tried the jungle honey on several eye issues, to name a couple which I felt that may of interest to the readers here: I had treated my mother’s cataract with honey before and after surgery. My mother when she was still alive at her late 70’s, she had cataract problem. Anyway, at the end of each surgery to her eye, she did not have any side-effects from normal cataract surgery such as the need to wear dark glasses and painful feeling on her eye.

She had surgery on her 2 eyes (one month after the other ) – so it took her 2 months. Then, the 3rd month she went for the eye test by the eye doctor. ( to tell your some back ground of the eye doctor – because the eye doctor is a very popular one, he received many patients and get rich from his practice. Hence, both the doctor and the nurse serving the patient, get very arrogant and not so friendly to patient.

During the eye test , both the doctor and the nurse were giggling and later I asked them why were they giggling as I don’t think the surgery was a cheap one- I had to paid almost 8(eight) thousand Malaysian ringgit for both eyes. They later told me that my mother had passed the eye test of a commercial air pilot. They were surprised with my mother’s eye condition after the surgery.

Anyway, to answer your question:

1. Frequency: at least once a day, if possible before sleeping (2-3 drops of honey – use eye dropper)

2. Concentration: I used undiluted honey. But if you are afraid of the pain during the treatment, then you can dilute it with water. I used spring water which I collected from an unspoilt hill (which I also drink it without boiling for the past 15 years.)        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     01/12/2015 @15:11:20

May I know specifically for what eye issues/problems does the jungle honey treat? Short-sightedness, long-sightedness or other ailments? Would love to know details of on the frequency and dosage of the application, such as do you dilute the honey before using as an eye drop? Thanks in advance!        

HH, Malaysia     01/12/2015 @01:56:01

I have been using raw honey from the Malaysian jungle for the past 20 years for my eyes. The results have been very positive.I dont wear glasses and many of my friends and clients are surprised with my good eye-sight. I do reading with my laptop & ,tablet and watch TV if I am in town, I have given honey to several people to try on their eyes and the results had been positive, One is a long -distance commercial trunk driver in Malaysian who later said that many of his fellow trunk drivers like to buy the honey.

However, I never sell any of the honey, I been giving away to people who I believed will find good result after the use of the honey. This jungle honey is reported to be better than the best of the Manuka honey from NZ- as reported by a friend who sell Manuka honey. My ex- Japanese boss commented that his Japanese friend( who also sell honey in Tokyo.Japan) that the honey which I gave to him ” The Best of the Best” honey. Happy to share my many years of real experience with the wild Malaysian jungle honey.        

Jayne, United States     20/11/2015 @10:16:27

I was looking up qualities of honey because my dog had an eye infection. I had a serious retina detachment surgery over 3 years ago which has left me with compromised vision in my left eye and a sensitivity to light that my eye closed every time I was exposed to sunlight especially driving west at sunset. I put ONE diluted with water drop of honey in my eye 2x a day for 3 days. I have no light sensitivity anymore. Amazing! I have had light sensitivity everyday since my surgery.

I would try to keep my eye open when exposed to light and it would close. It is definetly the honey. I put most of it in the inside corner of my eye and it did burn a little. I blinked a little to get it to spread and it only did a little across the center of my eye.

I had my eyes wide open this morning sun shinning while I was driving and later the sun shinning so much had to close the blinds and my eye did not need to close. I have double vision when tired or looking at like tv at night, for no rhyme or reason it would just come on me, not sure if that is gone too. I will keep posted on that. Won’t know unless I have it. Will also repost if light sensitivity keeps staying away or comes back. Thank you for this site. God Bless!        

Jerry, United States     20/11/2015 @04:26:22

I have used straight raw 100% honey as eye drops and great results in reducing an on going eye infection.        

Priya, United Kingdom     30/10/2015 @05:38:15

Hello. Since August I’ve been suffering from a sore eye. I used a very old eye shadow and also around that time some sanitizing hand gel went in my eye. At first at had symptoms of pink eye. Lots of tearing. Then after using antibiotic drops the tearing stopped. I was then with very dry eyes. Eyes felt gritty and burns all day. When im in a room with air freshener sprayed or if somebody is wearing perfume the inner corner of my left eye would turn bloodshot red.

I first thought I have become allergic to fragrances but when I went to see the eye specialist he found out it was blepharitis. I’ve been advised to do the lid hygiene with baby shampoo mixture n been prescribed dry eyes drops. Symptoms have slightly improved since cleaning lids but hasn’t gone. Has anybody experienced similar symptoms? Will honey help in my case? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.        

Jo, United Kingdom     28/10/2015 @10:31:10

Thanks Ruth and T-Rex. I am concerned I am not making the solution correctly. I am boiling tap water, waiting for it to cool, then adding a drop of raw honey and mixing together (ratio: 1 part honey to 2 parts water) I am then using a spoon to drop it into the eye. What are your thoughts on my method? Also, are you using other drops in between? Thanks in advance. Jo        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     28/10/2015 @15:26:40

T-Rex, as always, thanks very much!        T-Rex, United States     28/10/2015 @00:56:00

Ruth, Jo, a little “burning” and redness is quite common and normal during initial use of “honey eye” drops. And is by no means to discourage use of this age old treatment/therapy. If the redness is an issue simply add a pinch of salt to your solution. I would recommend a half a teaspoon of Manuka or Raw Honey to a 1/4 cup of “pure” water, with a pinch of salt. As always, live natural, live longer!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     27/10/2015 @22:31:10

Jo, from the postings below, it does seem that honey can cause redness and discomfort in sensitive eyes. In this case, honey may not be a very suitable eye drop for you. If the stinging sensation and redness in the eyes persist, you should stop using it.        

Jo, United Kingdom     27/10/2015 @05:29:50

Hi all, I stumbled across this web page whilst looking for cures for dry eye and eye pain in general. I have started to use raw honey just in the one eye. When you all started out, did it make your eye very bloodshot to begin with? Thanks. Jo        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/10/2015 @ 00:55:45

Yousuf, honey has been suggested as a remedy for cataract. You can do a Ctrl + F to search on this page for relevant posts on the use of honey for cataract and decide if you should give it a try.

Manuka honey does not have any other names and is sold as “Manuka honey”. To find out more about Manuka honey, read details in:

The Miraculous Manuka Honey
Manuka UMF and Other Activity Terms Explained        

Yousuf, Pakistan     25/10/2015 @17:02:11

Manuka honey, can it cure cataract? what kind of market name is Manuka honey sold as in supermarket? Also how different Manuka honey is from supermarket honey products? Shall appreciate someone providing information.        

David, United Kingdom     20/10/2015 @05:41:53

I have been using manuka as an eye remedy for 2 months and have found its effect varies depending on a number of factors. I have blepharitis, floaters and entoptic phenomenon in my vision and have tried every medication and procedure going, all to no effect. After researching honey I have tried various methods. I find that too much makes my eyes itchy and sore and have concluded on using pure manuka dabbed on the lid margins several times a day.

Some days I feel fine and have few blepharitis systems, other days are the same as before.

Not sure this is a cure for my problems but it seems to help more than other things. It has had no effect on floaters/ entoptic phenomenon.

My question is has anyone used this in the long term; I mean 6 months+? Many people on forums say it works after a day or two and then they never post again. Did it really cure the problem, or like me does it come and go? I feel there needs to be a better more informed test/ research, certainly for more cronic eye conditions. I am going to keep using it for several months and am happy to update my progress.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/10/2015 @ 10:31:05

Winifred, on this page, you may want to use Ctrl + F on the keyboard to find related posts on the use of honey for blepharitis. Honey applied on the eyelids should be easily washed away and cleaned off with just water.        

Winifred, United Kingdom     16/10/2015 @09:44:59

I would like to know exactly how to use honey for blepharitis. I put honey on my eyelids last night, have cleaned them in every way I know but they are even more blurred than usual as I can’t clean the honey off. I really would appreciate help. Thank you for reading this.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     11/10/2015 @ 16:38:19

Krish, I have read about this many times but have always thought it is not possible to change eye colours with honey. Could you share with us how this is done? Many thanks!        

Krish, United Arab Emirates     10/10/2015 @07:49:33

I had light brown eyes before and now they have changed to blue, thanks a lot.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     06/07/2015 @ 07:49:21

Yaz, always remove any contact lens when applying honey or any eye drop on the eyes (except contact lens eye drop) to prevent clouding of the lens and deposits forming on the lens.        

Yaz, United United Kingdom     05/10/2015 @19:36:33

Hi I wear gas permeable contact lens, I was wondering does anyone know if I can use the honey/distilled water solution with the contact lens in my eye or do I have to take out contacts when putting solution into my eyes?        

Janet , United States     28/09/2015 @18:02:40

Has anyone tried this remedy for Kerateconus?        

Craig, United States     26/09/2015 @09:04:26

Has anyone used honey for relief of protruding eyes ties to Graves’ disease and does it work?        

Lindah, Botswana     10/09/2015 @13:03:50

Can someone who has gone blind on one eye use honey mixture to restore the sight? Please help.        

Trudie, South Africa     28/08/2015 @02:06:26

Thanks, it really works.        

Mohammed, Saudi Arabia     26/08/2015 @07:39:37

Hi, I suffered from Glaucoma for more than 15 years ( readings reached 40 two different tims) i am now 58 years old.

About 14 months ago i have read that in Russia they use honey (Acacia honey ) to cure Glaucoma , i started putting one drop in each eye for about 8 months my Dr. Done about 4 different tests to my eyes and told me to stop medication about 6 months ago ( i was using Xolamol , Xalatan and Systane) 26 reading at first week after stopping medication and 18 at second week and start dropping to 13 now .        

Walterwess, Nigeria     23/08/2015 @16:26:04

Honey helped me clear red eye in one week.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     23/07/2015 @ 12:40:35

Julianne, for younger children and those with more sensitive eyes, you may want to dilute the honey with water instead of dropping it direct into the eyes. If your fourteen year-old is able to take the solution without experiencing too much stinging on the eyes, you may consider increasing the concentration of the solution.        

Julianne, The Philippines     22/08/2015 @05:58:58

Hi! Can a fourteen year old use this home remedy for sore eyes?        

Jonas, The Philippines     20/08/2015 @21:58:01

I looked everywhere to buy a Maxitrol Drops from leading drugstores but all of the stocks are soldout. Months of August to October are the months that a lot of people are getting Sore eyes. Can’t bare the pain and itchyness from my eyes, and have to find an alternate cure. I was hesitant to use the honey at first, because I don’t if it will do more harm or cure.

I search at google and saw reviews that honey is really a very effective cure for sore eyes. Cannot do more than 2 drops because when the dropped in my eyes it was a little bit painful, but after 3 to 5 minutes the itchiness disappeared.

Now I can tell the it is not really a joke and it really a very effective cure for Sore Eyes. Maxitrol would normally cost around 500 philippine pesos or more and honey would cost between 50 to 100 for a small bottle. Imagine the amount of money I saved for using this Honey to cure my Sore eyes. Just Mixed 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 talespoon of clean water and everything is ready. Stir the both and you will have a very effective Eye Drops cure for Sore Eyes.        

Nomsa, Zimbabwe     15/08/2015 @17:20:54

After long hours of reading my eyes become itchy. A few drops of diluted honey always leave my eyes fresh and painless. Remarkable home remedy.        Ruth, Benefits of Honey     12/07/2015 @ 20:25:25

Janice, we have heard about honey lightening eye colour before but have never come across or received any posts from real people sharing their experience in this. So, not sure if it works.        

Janice, United Kingdom     11/08/2015 @18:25:58

Can this lighten eye colour as well? I really want to get lighter eyes naturally.        

Lori, United States     28/07/2015 @22:02:07

I had the most horrific cat bite about a year and a half ago on my index finger (cat bites are supposed to be notorious for becoming infected) with tissue bulging out on one side and my fingernail totally split in half somewhat on the diagonal and I used nothing but honey, though I was also sprinkling sugar on it for a while. As long as I didn’t have the bandage touching it, it actually didn’t hurt a bit, and while it took the better part of a year to completely heal, there was never any sign of infection.

I highly recommend using honey on wounds and now I’m really considering trying it in my eyes.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     21/07/2015 @ 11:18:12

Stacy, you can give it a try so long as it is 100% pure unadulterated honey with nothing else added. However, raw, unheated honey is most ideal.        

Stacy, United Kingdom     20/07/2015 @18:39:27

Can I use Rowse pure natural blossom honey clear? It has around 80g sugars but will this be ok? It’s the cheapest pure honey I could find and its from Tesco.        

Caroline, Kenya     15/07/2015 @08:39:37

I am using honey for my son’s eyes, he had an operation in India retinopathy, I put a drop of honey daily into his eyes, now its month I have seen great changes, his vision is getting better, he can now see, he won’t use glasses anymore, it works.       

Camille, United States     10/07/2015 @18:33:09

I use Organic Raw Manuka honey for everything- burns, cuts, sores, etc… So, when I got blepharitis, I figured that there must be a way to make the manuka honey into an eyedrop and so I googled it and got here. I have used the eye drops twice so far and while I don’t see a difference in the blepharitis swelling or flaking, the inside of my eye is not burning and itchy like it was. Nor is it red and inflamed as before.

In reply to Nicks post from the US in regards to the fermentation and “pressure build up”. The reason that you see pressure building up in the bottle of drops you made is because the honey has hydrogen peroxide properties and pressure builds up in the bottle due to this. As for the question about fermentation. It will ferment over time due to the natural sugars, so you need to discard and make a fresh batch. Hope this helps.

Manuka on people, Manuka on!!        

Ana, United States     07/07/2015 @12:54:42

Hello all of you! I would like to ask which kind of manuka honey do you use. I purchased Manuka Honey with MGO250 and mixed in equal parts with distilled water. Also applied a small amount of this honey into eyes but didn’t work… My eyes are so red. Am desperate… can you give me a link to know how strong honey I need… MGO 250 mean UF15+… thank you. I’m waiting for your answers. Good luck!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     29/05/2015 @ 20:50:29

Nick, I am not sure if fermentation of the honey water has any implications for the great results you have experienced so far. But I would recommend applying only fresh eye drops due to concerns related to microbial growth in diluted honey that has fermented.        

Nick, United States     29/06/2015 @00:23:03

Alright so I have a question for everyone who’s done this. I added raw local honey to distilled water and put it in a glass amber eye dropper bottle which I’ve been using for May a month with amazing results. My only question is this: did your mixture ferment? I noticed that pressure was building up if I was going more than a couple days and it seemed to smell a tad bit like alcohol the longer it sat. Does anyone know how shelf stable this is. I kept using it and it was still working great hell maybe even better.

I’m just curious as to what others people experiences are with this and the chemistry of the potential for this concoction to ferment into an alcohol due to the sugars in it.        

DeeBaileym, United States     27/06/2015 @06:53:53

I have been using the honey for one week and I cannot believe the results. I was on Restasis this time for about six month no results and my eyes were burning and jumping. Red and my vision was getting worst. I stopped using what the doctor prescribed and using the honey for six days. Now it does not burn when I put the drops in my eyes and I can see clearer and my eye lids are not inflammed. I am so happy and relieved. I thought I was going blind.

I only wished I had known about it sooner. Thanks and God Bless.        

Rhulani, South Africa     12/06/2015 @19:14:21

My eyes been flamming for a while and I just thought how about honey? I googled first and found exactly what I elected. So I mixed one drop of honey and sterilised water on a table spoon, dripped a drop into the eye, it first burns but immediately stops, did to the other eye.. Feel a lot better now.        

Justin, United States     10/06/2015 @22:52:31

I did this home remedy and it made my problem worse than you could imagine! You might as well take a sewing needle glowing red and put it in your eye! Either way ends up with same results. Pain and suffering!        

Hector, Mexico     07/06/2015 @19:42:56

Hello everyone, I have being wanting to share my story of how honey help my eye condition, dry, infected, irritated, sensitivity to light, and swelling, I also couldn’t sleep at all, I tried many natural and pharmacy drops but none worked, I was desperate and heard about the benefits of honey, and after I found some natural honey in a market, I decided to try it right away.

I couldn’t take the pain in my both eyes, and the irritation, and I used the tip of my finger to put the honey inside the eye, it stung for some time, and I thought no way that works, but then I waited then went back to a mirror after an hour or so, and my eyes were much cleared than before, and the strain was no more, I could feel my eyes muscles relaxed and free, and after 2 weeks, I fell asleep almost immediately after laying down,

I use 3 times a day, and it’s a miracle how much it helps, and how many people are unware or too afraid to try it, but it will work, but before using it, make sure its 100 percent honey, it must either burn or take long to dissolve when poured in a cup with water, it should sit in the bottom for some time, it will help you.        

Nikki, United States     05/06/2015 @21:01:59

I have advanced keratoconus. I am currently using Synergeyes lenses, but feel I am not far from a corneal transplant. I, of course, would really like to avoid this. Does anyone have any experience with Manuka honey for this condition? I have been applying by putting it on a paper towel and diluting it just a touch with cold watet that is properly “clean” and applying it in my eye. I let it set in, I feel it sting a bit and then rinse with clean water as well. I, of course do this in the evening with my contacts out. Is this an ok procedure?

Thanks for any advice        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     27/05/2015 @ 21:53:19

Lola, read the postings below. Application for blepharitis is mentioned in a couple of them. Their experience may be relevant and helpful in your case.        

Lola, Portugal     27/05/2015 @06:41:26

Could anyone tell me if using manuka honey will help get rid off bletharitis? The problems I have are mainly on (and in) the eyelid, not the eyeball itself. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!       

 Jack, United States     25/05/2015 @21:14:12

I have been using honey for years for it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is truly amazing, no infection even on puncture wounds and burns. Amazing and wonderful stuff. One important point, it must be whole, raw, unfiltered honey. If it doesn’t say that on the label it is often no more than sugar water and could even exacerbate certain infections. I keep bees and now all of my friends are using honey rather than commercially available antiseptics with good results.        

Paivi, United States     22/05/2015 @21:18:56

Wanted to know more. The Doctors said we need to find a way to get oxygen into my eye for my retina to heal completely. I am wondering if the honey can help in this task.        

Bekah, United Kingdom     20/05/2015 @04:12:09

I’m a contact lens wearer who works in a dry, air-conditioned office. My eyes have been crazy red and dry recently – to the point where I can’t wear contacts at all, started putting honey solution in yesterday – already starting to clear up – especially good for stopping the burning, scratchy feeling.

I had a conjunctivitis a few months ago, and a honey solution cleared that right up as well in only a day or two. I administer using a sterilized oral-syringe designed for feeding babies (they’re like 1-3 dollars on Amazon), and made up a small fresh batch of the solution every day 🙂        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/05/2015 @ 10:12:11

Sorry, Shilpa, we are not sure how honey can specifically benefit weak eyes. So far others’ experiences with honey as an eye drop are mostly related to dry eye and eye infections.        

Shilpa, India     16/05/2015 @ 14:27:23

Hey, my eyes are weak, I am wearing spectacles since 9 years. I really want to get rid out of it. Plus my job demands me to work on laptop for. 9-10 hrs every day. Please suggest something. Thank you. Have a great day.:)        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     14/05/2015 @ 20:59:46

CC, based on the postings of those who have experienced healing with honey as an eye drop, any floral varietal or floral blend of honey is fine. If you are particularly interested in giving Manuka honey a try, please note that the higher the number/rating, the higher the level of antibacterial strength. Choice of Manuka honey potency level depends on your need.

However be aware that there are different ways of testing and measuring the activity level in Manuka, hence two jars of Manuka honey bearing the same activity number (ie 10+, 20+) may contain very different activity level in reality. Read more in: Manuka UMF and Other Activity Terms Explained        

CC, United States     14/05/2015 @ 14:22:07

Which Manuka Honey should be used? I’ve seen 5+ and 20+ and read there are more.        Iris, Spain     06/05/2015 @ 04:14:56

Hi all, just wondering how to make the drops – I mean, which recipient to mix them and how to apply it to my eyes. I believe the recipient needs to be sterilized with hot water, for example? I am aware I should mix it every 2 days so it’s safe but I am still not sure how to get it into my eyes safely. Any ideas? How are you guys doing it? Thanks!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/04/2015 @ 12:19:24

Emily, yes, you can directly apply a drop to the eye without using an eye-drop bottle. We haven’t come across anyone using it as an eye wash, but we don’t see any harm trying this method. Once diluted, the honey will not be as stinging on the eyes.        

Emily, United States     25/04/2015 @ 17:05:32

I have been suffering from chronic eye infections since I was 17, my most recent one showing up last night. I don’t have a bottle to use for eye drops, so can I just apply the honey directly to my eyes? Or can I use it as an eye wash?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     23/04/2015 @ 12:15:34

Noel, we haven’t come across any reports that honey can cure long-slightness. Please let us know if it has been of any good. Thanks.        

Noel, United States     23/04/2015 @ 01:54:06

I have to get rid of my reading glasses.        

H., United States     15/04/2015 @ 00:47:50

I used the recipe for eye infection. This solution was dropped into my right eye. It took 2 applications and my eye relaxed and the burning stopped. I am able to focus. No burning, mY vision returned to normal approximately one hour later. I will place another application at bedtime. This is a natural remedy and I am so very happy with the results. This is fantastic. Thank you for publishing this.        

Priscilla, United States     09/04/2015 @ 13:03:05

I have a blepharitis for 3 months and tried antibiotics and eye drops but nothing works. I have started one week ago Manuka Honey three times a day and there are some slight improvements but I have not recovered. How long does it take to recover? I am working in a air conditioning area, does it slow down the treatment? Can I keep the honey all night in my eyes? Thanks a lot for your answers.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     06/04/2015 @ 08:17:40

Sorry, OlufemI, I have no explanation to why you found no relief. I am not sure if there exists any 100% guaranteed sure cure (whether natural or synthetic) for any ailment or disease.        

OlufemI, Nigeria     05/04/2015 @ 15:08:42

Apply honey into my eye to correct the problem of eye soreness. To my dismay, it wasn’t corrected. Why.        

Tofy, Morocco     04/04/2015 @ 22:12:42

It works 100%, it s magic.        

Nuhu, Nigeria     30/03/2015 @ 17:18:31

I’ve had eye infection since from birth, that’s 18 years now, I hope this honey stuff really works.        

Deb, United States     27/03/2015 @ 10:31:45

I just started using Manuka Honey for by blepharitis and MGD. First I apply warm compresses and then put the honey on for about 10 minutes then wash off with diluted baby shampoo. I think I am doing too much!! I am wondering if anyone just rinses the honey off with warm water? I have had these conditions for about 10 years and I really think the Manuka Honey is the answer!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/03/2015 @ 09:39:15

Zeze, I see, in that case, let’s see if others with the relevant experience could share with us more. My take is if it’s applied topically, like on the eyelid, eventually it has to be cleaned and washed off. And there should be no hard and fast rule on how long one should leave the honey there.        

Zeze, United States     25/03/2015 @ 19:41:57

Hi Ruth, I’m sorry, I should have specified. I just started applying one drop of Manuka Honey into my eyes twice a day, but also put some at the base of my eyelashes/eyelid for blepharitis/mgd purposes. I was wondering if people wash it off from their eyelid or no.       

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     25/03/2015 @ 20:49:23

Zeze, if I have read and understood it correctly, there is no need to rinse or wash off the honey. It’s basically used as an eyedrop.        

Zeze, United States     25/03/2015 @ 07:29:08

To anyone who has used Manuka Honey, can you tell me how long do you leave it for? Minutes/hours before you wash it off?        

Leslie, United States     23/03/2015 @ 11:33:49

I have had dry eyes and swollen eye lids for about a year. I read about soothing Manuka honey and tried it. Within 24 hours, it unblocked my meibomain glands, and released a green discharge for a whole day and now I don’t have dry eyes anymore and I learned all about demodex and how mites get out of control on your lashes and plug up your tear secretion glands and cause dry eyes. Manuka honey is a natural miracle cure!        

Pierre L, Belgium     16/03/2015 @14:47:44

Hi All, because of a bad diagnosis, allergic conjunctivitis, I received a very bad treatment, steroids. I didn’t know what I was putting in my eyes… and now I have my eyes inflamed and dry as hell. Thx doc. I’m not believing them anymore. I hope manuka honey will help. I have tried with regular honey twice a day. My eyelids are less red. I suppose it works?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     15/03/2015 @ 23:11:45

Amel, as some people find it rather stinging, for a start you may want to dilute it with pure clean water and apply the solution as an eye drop.        

Amel, United States     15/03/2015 @ 22:46:02

To apply honey into eyes; is it diluted with water? Or simply raw honey on a finger tip?        

Bee, Spain     20/03/2015 @ 15:03:08

Hi Lucia, thanks so much for your reply – it is really good to know that there is another human being out there with the very same issue, trying the very same remedies. It has all been quite a really horrible experience (especially all those nasty medications), and with not a lot of information about ocular herpes specifically. I’m also taking l-lysine, spirulina, vit c, garlic oil, and just started oil of oregano. I’m really glad the honey is working for you.

Did you put it in your eye with water, or just the honey? Also, did you put it in your eye whilst the herpes was active?        

Lucia, United KIngdom     16/03/2015 @ 07:02:03

Hi Bee, Yes I do, I am using manuka honey in the herpetic eye and also my other one because of dry eye which I only have now since having all the doctors eye drops. Don’t be scared of the honey, it does sting a lot at first but you will get used to it, it is a wonderful natural remedy. I am using it as a preventative measure everyday, manuka UMF 15 and also I take lysine supplements 1200mg a day and olive leaf extract a day to prevent outbreaks.

I too was diagnosed around 3 months ago and have had 2 episodes and that is why I have gone the natural route which is far better for me than the doctors ways. good luck you will get the better of this 🙂        

Bee, Spain     14/03/2015 @ 14:35:08

Does anyone here have any experience with Herpes Keratitis and Manuka honey? I was diagnosed with this three months ago, and have been seeking natural treatments since – both to clear up infections, and to prevent new ones. I am a bit scared of putting honey in my eye and making it worse! Many thanks!        

Karen, United Sates     13/03/2015 @ 23:24:40

My husband just told me he knew of someone near Honey Lake California who had glaucoma. He put honey on his eyes & it cured his glaucoma.        

Lucia, United Kingdom     05/03/2015 @ 10:10:06

Hi, does anyone get blurry vision in the morning just for a little while and it clears after blinking a few times when they have put honey in their eyes the night before? Just asking because I do and wanted to know if that was normal. I’ve had great success with the honey it has cleared my dry eye symptoms, I’m putting it in twice a day so far and will probably reduce it to once a day. thanks in advance!        

Kerry, United States     03/03/2015 @ 17:20:24

I have had recurring keratitis and currently am dealing with severe blurred vision in my left eye. I just got manuka honey and put it right in my eye. It burned a little and I teared up a bit. I was using regular clover honey before and there is no change in my vision. I really hope the manuka will help. I have been reading up on studies done with manuka and keratitis and I heard mostly good things so I’m hopeful. I can’t drive anywhere with my vision like this.        

Davina, United Kingdom     03/03/2015 @ 08:00:58

Hi Claire, may I ask if you used Manuka honey IN your eyes or just on your lids. My symptoms sound exactly the same as yours. Been diagnosed with DES by an eye specialist. I have symptoms of MGD. Eyes bloodshot and constantly gritty and dry. Skin is very dry around eyes and have flaking on lashes too. Been told I can’t wear contact again too! Want to try this, please advise if you can.        

Doris, United States     27/02/2015 @ 15:38:11

Ever since i had cateracts removed i have had eye infections conjutavities swallon eyes itchy and full of junk sticky eyes.I have tried the honey it burns at first but feels better soon after.        

Neetu, India     25/02/2015 @ 04:49:55

Working in IT and sitting continuously in front of computer, I often used to get eye infection and for days together eyes were red and irritating. I tried putting drops prescribed by the Doc, but no relief, the problem recurred. I recollected my father applying honey to eyes before going to bed, like eye liner or “Kajal” in India and I tried the same without diluting. Lots of mucus was out in the morning. With three days of application my eyes got cured.

George, United Kingdom     18/02/2015 @ 12:15:06

I have had prescription eye drops for dry eye for 2 years, they were till inflamed. I remembered my Grandmother putting honey on Sties & Grazes as a child, I tried putting Manuka honey in the corner of my eye and the inflammation to my eyelids disappeared. Has anyone used honey for any length of time?        

Phyllis Ann Henderson, United States     15/02/2015 @ 10:53:29

I am trying the honey for cataracts, so I don’t have to have surgery. Thank you.        

Claire, Country Unknown     15/02/2015 @ 12:54:35

I have had eye problems for 3 years, treated for hay fever, allergies, etc can’t wear contact lenses anymore or make up! finally diagnosed as MGD /BLEPHARITIS. on eye heat pack /eye drops, etc, even water was inflaming my eyes, skin around eye looked red, felt sore/ burnt /itching /peeling. My eyes were almost shut.

Yesterday I stopped all treatment & applied a tiny amount of MANUKA HONEY 10+ (tiny jar in shop cost £2 ) already redness/swelling al irritation has gone, even my eye whites are looking clearer. I can’t believe the improvement.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     14/02/2015 @ 12:14:46

Lucia, we would expect that it is easier to apply liquid honey as an eye drop. But hard set honey can also be dissolved in water and used as a diluted honey eye drop.        

Lucia, United Kingdom     13/02/2015 @ 09:52:47

Hi, manual honey is often hard set, does this matter, or should I try to source a runny honey as I want to put in the eye? Thanks.        

William, Taiwan     05/01/2015 @ 20:29:52

I’m a sufferer of Traumatic Cataract in the right eye for years and now trying to apply comvita manuka honey or Y.S. organic raw honey or ways of your this article to my right eye, however, always a little fearful to that due to honey application is unidentified in modern medicine.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/02/2015 @ 18:08:13

Sahana, we have no idea how much live healing enzymes is left in pasteurised honey, but some people like the old man featured in the news article (mentioned in the above write-up) apparently had great success with supermarket honey which is mostly pasteurised. How safe the honey depends on the source of the honey, the beekeeping practices and beliefs of the beekeeper, eg whether the bees have been fed with sugar, antibiotics, presence of contaminants in the honey, etc.        

Sahana, India     02/01/2015 @ 04:59:47

I don’t get raw honey in my place or nearby, is it safe to use pasteurized fake honey and honey with sugar, like dabur honey?        

Bethanne, United States     30/01/2015 @ 11:02:18

I woke up one morning and my eye hurt, like maybe I had scratched it…I kept blinking and could not stop, and had to give a presentation that day. I had heard that Manuka honey is good for the eyes, so I tried it. I put some from the jar (Manuka UMF 15:) on a clean little finger and laid back on the couch and blinked my eye as the honey went in the eye. It burned something fierce, and my eyes teared up, but in 30 sec or so, it was clear. I drove to work and was fine.

I did take some to work with me and reapplied at lunch time, but the soreness was gone. I now apply it often as I use a computer a lot and my eyes hurt, and I am not young. Helps a lot and I also take it internally. I just read that I am wasting it by using it in hot tea, love it, so I was sorry to hear that. But guess I will save it for just eating from the spoon or on a banana.

It must be certified and be UMF, there is a website that has a list of all the different manuka’s that are ‘real’. There is a lot of them out there that are very pricey and worthless.

Do your homework. Comvita and Happy Honey are two that are on the certified list.        

Barbara, United States     29/01/2015 @ 21:26:57

Hi, has any one ever got rid of warts with honey? I just started putting honey in my eyes two days ago,I can see better, but my problem is a wart on my eyelid in the eyelash! I have had it removed 5 times, it keeps coming back I’m putting honey on it twice a day, and in my eye twice a day. It stings some, but I can live with that! Anybody else had warts on or in your eye?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/01/2015 @ 11:36:25

Barbara, just one drop will do. As a start, you may want dilute the honey with water. Honey can be stinging on the eyes. You may also want to read and learn from those who make postings on their experience on this page.        

Barbara, United States     25/01/2015 @ 10:29:18

I have a wart on my upper eye lid in my eyelash. I have had it burned off 5 times and cut off 2 times, it always comes back after about 2 weeks. it now feels like it is under my eyelid now. Hurts and feel like there is something in my eye. How much honey should I put in my eye ?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     05/01/2015 @ 01:37:15

Chand, use only 100% pure unadulterated honey for your eyes. As a start you may want to mix and dilute it with water before trying it without being diluted. For more tips, you may want to read the postings of those who have used honey as an eye drop.        

Chand Babu Bairathi, India     04/01/2015 @ 02:41:21

I got cataract operation of both the eyes. After operation I have been advised to use specs for near reading. Now I get water coming out from my right eyes too much and sometimes the left eye as well. I have read your article about honey treatment. As pure honey is difficult to get.

We get honey made by dabur which probably has a mixture of sugar. Can I treat with this honey? Or should I use only pure honey mixed with distilled water. What other alternate medication do you advise please. My age is 77 years.        

Sheri, Bahamas     03/01/2015 @ 17:00:04

A relative had cataract and I made a mixture with approximately 1 teaspoon of honey to 3 teaspoons of distilled water and applied for ten days, three times per week. A period of rest was taken for one week and then the application continued for another ten days. The blurriness of the eyes have been cleared for five years with application being made approximately once per year.

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