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 Sandra Washington, United States     20/12/2016 @07:35:30

Clears hoarseness next day and a good cleansing agent!        

Eunice, Kenya     22/11/2016 @08:20:28

honey and cinnamon cures 2015-2016 postings image

Am gonna try it out.        

Jessica Patrick, Nigeria     22/11/2016 @02:21:15

I just started using cinamon and honey, trust me when I say it works like magic.        

Brenda, United States     20/11/2016 @19:08:35

Heard so many great things about honey n cinnamon so just now going to start trying the two together, will post later on my results, trying it for the cold I have for an week now.        

Brendan, United Kingdom     17/11/2016 @07:45:51

Brilliant stuff.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/11/2016 @12:20:30

Major, for regular use, we recommend Ceylon cinnamon. The instructions for daily use, including dosage are found here: Honey cinnamon recipe.        

Major, United Kingdom     17/11/2016 @02:27:04

As a diabetic, can I use the combination safely?        

Hannes, South Africa     09/10/2016 @09:25:13

On Saturday evening, 8th of October 2016, I experienced a wheezing and tight chest. I took 150ml of hot water with 1 tsp of ground cinnamon and 1tbsp of honey. I mixed everything together, let it cool down, and drank the mix. The wheezing and tight chest feeling disappeared almost immediately. Will definitely try it for the sinuses as well.        

Caezer, Ghana     14/09/2016 @14:10:54

I was weak in bed but now I can see some improvement.        

Obuh Onyinyechi, Nigeria     04/09/2016 @14:30:11

I use honey and cinnamon as a facial treatment for acne. After use, it gets worse, then clears off afterwards.       

Mercy, Ghana     22/08/2016 @10:06:40

I believe it can help with brain enlightenment.        

Shumba Maxwell, Zimbabwe     21/08/2016 @12:19:16

I always experience a relief from angina attack after taking cinnamon and honey, even blood pressure is stable.        

Ahmad, United States     19/08/2016 @10:18:08

I use honey and cinnamon on a daily basis to help my weight.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     18/08/2016 @10:25:30

Sibusiso, just mix honey and cinnamon (1:1 ratio) eg half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and half a teaspoon of raw honey. Apply the paste on to the affected area on the mouth.        

Sibusiso, South Africa     17/08/2016 @03:24:03

How can I cure the fungus in the tongue using the honey and cinnamon?        

Justice Nkuru, Botswana     16/08/2016 @19:50:49

A very great taste of the two daily to boost your energy.        

Evalyne, Kenya     10/08/2016 @12:54:15

Hello. I was really worried about some pimples and acne on my forehead, then I read how I can use honey and cinnamon. They are great in treating these things. My face is almost clear after using the remedy only 4 days now. Thank you for sharing this!        

Linda, United States     08/08/2016 @20:32:29

I have recently developed arthritis in my hands, specifically my thumbs. It is extremely painful, however I will not do drugs. This is so foreign to me as I have always been extremely healthy and rarely even take an aspirin. I decided to do some research to see if there was a homeopathic remedy. Well, after 10 days of doing a “dose” every morning of 1 T honey and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, the pain has diminished by about 75%. Wow…just amazing.

So, I decided to go on a diet to lose 10 pounds, and of course there is no sugar allowed other than 2 fruits a day. I wanted to stay with it 100%, so I stopped the honey and cinnamon. After 2 days of eliminating it, my pain is back in my hands! I’m a believer. This is a real blessing to me and I would recommend anybody give it a try. Needless to say, I’m back on the honey and cinnamon:-)        

Maggie, South Africa     08/08/2016 @14:56:08

My brother was coughing for years and I started giving him honey and cinnamon. He is now no more coughing.        

Emmanuel, Ghana     26/07/2016 @07:37:39

I used to have pains in my kneel but after taking cinnamon I feel better.        

Joseph Manganyi, South Africa     25/07/2016 @12:53:33

I have a problem with bad breath, using honey and cinnamon regularly, my breath is all day long stay fresh. I thank honey and cinnamon.        

Ilse, South Africa     11/07/2016 @19:31:32

After gallbladder removal, I suffer excessive boating and extreme pain in my upper abdomen, especially under my ribs and centre of my upper abdomen. After two days of excruciating pain, I decided to try honey and cinnamon and warm, not hot, boiled water. Within half an hour the pain disappeared and I could burp out the wind.        

Bunty, Australia     11/07/2016 @18:09:55

I have a noise like a train engine in my ears so I am eager to try the recipe given. Has anyone else received help for that problem?        

Kibusia, Kenya     03/07/2016 @23:53:58

New to the use and want to learn more.        

Carmen, United States     29/06/2016 @14:56:04

I was asked to sing for the Memorial Concert on Sabbath (Saturday) evening, for a man I had adopted as my father; he had gone to a long sleep. I woke up the morning of the Concert and opened my mouth to speak, and my voice was a whisper! My husband told me that I have Laryngitis and would not be able to sing. I called my son’s girlfriend at the time, who is a Soloist and asked her what she does when she has to sing and has lost her voice. She told me to used Honey!

I went to the Internet and researched ‘Uses of Honey,’ and it resulted in “Uses of Honey and Cinnamon.” Into a small bowl, I mixed 1 tablespoon of Honey and a 1/4 Teaspoon of Cinnamon, and sat the tiny bowl with Mixtures in another bowl with enough hot water to warm the bottom of the bowl while warming the ingredients. I spooned it into my mouth and swallow, with a Prayer that it will work! By time for Concert I had a voice, though not as high as I would like to sing, ‘We are our Heavenly Father’s Children!’        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     27/06/2016 @11:19:19

Ravi, add honey when the mixture has cooled down to some extent. There is no need to completely cool it down. You still can have your warm tea with honey and cinnamon, we just don’t recommend adding honey to boiling hot liquids.

The idea of mixing honey and cinnamon in water is to make a cleansing and detoxing drink for the empty stomach in the morning. It is also based on the belief from Ayurvedic medicine that the effectiveness of the mixture is greater than the sum of the benefits from each of the foods. For those who need to cut down the preparation time due to the morning rush, you can prepare the mixture in advance the night before.

Read Note (2) in: Cinnamon and Honey Recipe page.        

Ravi, Sri Lanka     26/06/2016 @13:31:19

Firstly I have been having cinnamon and honey and many say I appear to have lost weight (though I never spoke about trying this remedy). Need to check my weight! Few questions please:

1. The article says honey should be added to the cooled down mixture of water and cinnamon, yet it recommends drinking the combination with tea. Tea is commonly drunk warm so wont the enzymes in honey get affected?

2. What if I consume a mixture of half teaspoonful of Ceylon Cinnamon and a teaspoonful of bees honey and follow up with a sip of luke warm water? This is an easier option in the morning rush!

3. Last but not least Ceylon Cinnamon is from (and gets its name) from my country (feeling proud 🙂 ) and any decent tea one might drink is too. Ceylon is the old name for Sri Lanka.        

Deborah, United Kingdom     23/06/2016 @04:21:56

I don’t feel so tired taking honey and cinnamon.        

Alan, Zambia     23/06/2016 @03:58:08

I have just started using it. Hoping for the best.        

Virginia Shirley, United States     23/06/2016 @00:06:50

LOVE THEM BOTH………!!! ONCE A DAY……….!!!        

Peter, Nigeria     17/06/2016 @18:16:45

Just start the cinnamon therapy and am feeling good. I will give details in a month’s time.        

Steve, Kenya     15/06/2016 @01:05:54

I am so much encouraged by these posts I believe we will all benefit from our experience and some will get healed.        Her majesty imperial guard trevor,

Saint Kitts and Nevis     13/06/2016 @13:52:19

This honey and cinnamon remedy for type 2 diabetes is magical. It can bring you back to normal in a few weeks, it truly worked with me.        

Emma, The Philippines     03/06/2016 @10:17:56

Wow! I try to use honey and cinnamon. Thank you so much.        

Kailash Mishra, India     02/06/2016 @06:39:05

The combination of honey & cinnamon powder is amazing & it really works faster than any medicine. Anyone who wants to lose weight & boost the immune system must use it, but in cold it works faster than in summer.        

Ashok Kapoor, India     28/05/2016 @03:35:01

Dalchini is a good for health.        

Veronica, United States     01/05/2016 @15:55:12

I love the flavor of both but I now know about the fake cinnamon and I’m definitely avoiding it.        

Rachel, Kenya     30/04/2016 @01:39:06

The wonders of honey and cinnamon are enormous. It cures a lot of diseases and it’s a must use for anyone over 40yrs old.        

Rhett, United States     26/04/2016 @23:07:30

Honey , cinammon (ceylon) , and pinch of cayenne pepper. Every morning in a hot cup of water has helped me and my wife lose over 30 pounds in one year. Added benefit no longer on blood pressure med also a year now.        

Ezequiel, Mozambique     18/04/2016 @03:57:08

Good remedy for almost all bacterial infections.        

Isabel Romer, South Africa     15/04/2016 @04:46:54

I had very bad flu and burning sensation over the chest area, went to the dr. got antibiotics and medicine. After the illness I was feeling weak and no strengh to do anything. About 8 days later I was told about the healing power of cinnamon, I started drinking luke warm water with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 level teaspoon of honey, after 2 days I already felt the difference and drinking this now on a daily basis.        

Kidzai, Zimbabwe     14/04/2016 @10:30:17

The cinnamon and honey mixture didn’t work out for me… actually there are more pimples all over my face and its so much, too much than how my face used to look like.        

Baipoledi Bob Dikeleko, Botswana     05/04/2016 @13:10:13

Still trying to use cinnamon but feel I need to hear from experts out there, I would like to know from those who want to share with the public if the cinnamon and honey benefits can improve fertility.        

Ramachandran, India     01/04/2016 @05:20:36

The contents are very informative and easy to use.        

Venkateswar Reddy Ulupala, India     28/03/2016 @23:49:02

Cinnamon is used in India since long in all recipes as a compulsory ingredient. Happy to note that it is researched as an healthy, beneficial ingredient world wide.        

Marlene, Trinidad and Tobago     25/03/2016 @20:02:51

It helped me bring down period blood faster and even clean . After drinking cinnamon and honey I felt release and peaceful. It also helps my blood flow clean and it also can clean out your body.        

Luis Cabugao, The Philippines     16/03/2016 @23:00:16

I’ve been a user of honey and cinnamon for over a year on a regular basis, honestly I used to feel aging in me before, but now im on regular outdoor extreme exploration wilderness activities with additional 8 kilos of back pack while trailing the wilderness, I feel great and can sustain such punishments for 3-4 days on foot at the age of 56.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/03/2016 @16:12:15

Wishing you all the best, Geri!        

Geri, Canada     07/03/2016 @09:39:22

I am new to trying the cinnamon and honey for weight loss. I have tried so many other diets and other things that just have not worked. A friend told me about this and I figure what have I got to loss other than my weight? So today is my first day at trying this will keep you posted as to how this works for me. Please keep in mind that I realize it will take some time to notice a difference. PATIENCE        

Johanna Bogosi, Botswana     07/03/2016 @05:10:19

Since taking tea with honey and cinnamon, things have changed as i feel energetic throughout the day.        

Sebenzile Mavimbela, South Africa     29/02/2016 @03:59:21

Honey and Cinnamon is the best remedy or solution for hair, skin and cholesterol balance which is one of the major leads to death. It has been good in curing my family with basic infections like flu.        

Rahim, Singapore     30/01/2016 @06:29:32

Just starting.        

Larai Ahmed, Nigeria     30/01/2016 @02:45:18

Thanks for this wonderful remedy. It works greatly.        

Robert, United States     28/01/2016 @11:35:22

I will try honey and cinnamon for arthritis.        

Dawn, United States     26/01/2016 @15:34:04

I have been doing the cinnamon and honey for sometime now. My weight loss has been amazing! It takes time but really works! I do 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon with 8oz boiled water, cover til it cools down and then add the teaspoon of unpasturized honey and mix. Drink half in the morning on an empty stomache and then the other half before bed. AMAZING!!!        Carolyn, Australia     26/01/2016 @05:53:55

I have used the Cinnamon and Honey. For a few years now. I lost 10 kilos in a month with exercise and light diet. It’s like it absorbs the fat from your body and then expel it. It helped cleanse my liver which produces bad breath and lessened the pain with arthritic pain. The cholesterol goes down. Chest pain reduces. I think it works great!        

Daniel Murphy, United States     23/01/2016 @01:30:02

I’m going to try this.        

Sharmaine, US Virgin Islands     23/01/2016 @00:55:33

The honey and cinnamon cleared up a mark I had on my face.        

Dominique, South Africa     20/01/2016 @05:56:12

honey dipper image

I do not have any remedies about honey. However I would like to have a chance experiencing the remedies that are helping people and the lovely stories that I have read about.        

Terry, United States     18/01/2016 @09:40:56

Really love the honey ideas.        

Hazel, The Philippines     12/01/2016 @04:50:28

I drink honey with lemon, I get energized for the whole day and cough and flu are at bay.        

Vinod, Sri Lanka     12/01/2016 @11:08:16

I’m using this amazing combination since past 4 months to reduce my weight, I got good results. In Sri Lanka since 5000 years ago they knew these benefits and made their traditional medicine with the best bee honey from the forests and best Sri Lankan cinammon, Sri Lankan Veddhas (living in forests ). They don’t have any disease like blood hypertension, blood sugar or cholesterol. Thier best medicine is bee honey.        

Gary, United States     03/01/2016 @11:24:07

Has anyone had any luck with Honey and Cinnamon curing ringing in ears?        

Carol, United Kingdom     02/01/2016 @16:22:48

I have just made some honey and cinnamon to cure my stomach upsets thank you.        

Jill, United Kingdom     16/12/2015 @11:40:33

I started mixing honey with cinnamon and drinking in warm water in the morning for around 6 months in the hope of relieving joint and bone pain. I have lost over a stone in weight from 9st 10lbs to 8st 8lbs. I look really ill and am suffering from kidney stones and really bad throat trouble/ bad digestion. I think the weight thing is working but no relief from pain or indigestion. Maybe I will start mixing with apple cider vinegar instead.        

Gugu, South Africa     05/12/2015 @09:40:28

I’m new in using cinamon and honey, already my stomach is not as big as before.        

Jane, Kenya     24/11/2015 @09:23:41

July is the coldest month in Kenya and people surfer from very many airborne diseases. Actually am always infected but this year I started taking cinnamon and honey solution a month prior to July. the season came and passed without any effect on me so I can bear witness that cinnamon and honey prevents and even cures.        

Beverly, United States     08/11/2015 @13:47:01

Recipe for arthritis help! Think it is 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon with 1 teaspoon of local honey! Thanks!        

Olusola Rhiogbere, Nigeria     03/11/2015 @06:56:55

The combination is amazing.       

 Faizal, Malawi     14/10/2015 @01:57:26

The combination is a powerful therapy. My man tried all sorts of medication for gout but to no avail. Gout is history now. Thank you.        

Benedicta Deegbe, Ghana     29/09/2015 @03:16:35

I am glad I found this website and I have drinking living the honey and cinnamon in warm water every morning on the empty stomach before my breakfast. I do have pains and stiff knee hope it will work for me because my weight is 127kg.        

Maxwell, Malawi     28/09/2015 @03:08:42

I would like to read and know more about this wonderful combination in health benefits.        

Jevson, Zambia     18/09/2015 @23:36:21

I had a very serious cold/flu and I bought a bottle of Natural untreated/unprocessed Honey and a bottle of Cinnamon Powder made by Robertson’s and I mixed a portion of each every day and spread the paste on my bread and sometimes I just used to put the paste in my mouth and let it melt away through my throat and results were amazing because the cold cleared in no time!        

Denise, United States     16/09/2015 @15:13:40

Just wondering if the honey cinnamon recipe for weight loss has worked for anyone who is diabetic. Thanks.        

Ezrah Mathumo, Botswana     10/09/2015 @04:27:30

I started taking honey and cinnamon two weeks and now feeling much better. Thanks.        

Glenn Garcia, The Philippines     09/09/2015 @12:15:45

Very helpful information. Thank you so much.        

Trans Munalula, Zambia     11/08/2015 @02:14:04

Wonderful remedy for weight loss.        

Marc Henry, Belgium     26/07/2015 @10:59:04

My weight started to go high up to 83 kg and it’s too much for me, my large shirt are now skin fit and I couldn’t wear the smaller ones so I’ve been trying to control my diet for the past 3 months but at the end of the day, a piece of cake and ice cream still ruin everything.

So I decided to try this mixture and I added it to a bowl of fresh apple and carrot juice. The most significant thing I noticed immediately is that I don’t get that hungry anymore, like a month ago I can’t stop my hunger, even if I have several meals a day in the evening I’m still hungry and I can still eat more before sleeping but not anymore, after taking my juice with honey and cinnamon I’m hunger free,

I only eat twice or once a day now and I even need to force myself just for the sake that I have food in me. and when I checked my weight from 83 to 73 kg for a month. It worked for me and hope for you as well.        

Pamela Mngadi, South Africa     15/07/2015 @21:35:24

Hi I’ve been struggling to lose weight, my stomach is hanging over, so I wish this mixture will help me lose.        

George Paul, India     03/07/2015 @06:24:16

Very good for losing fat!!        

Joffre Edisson, Australia     27/06/2015 @06:36:31

It is a wonderful medicine.        

Lorie, United States     23/06/2015 @15:42:35

I had a urinary tract infection and I hurt. Took two (2) Tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one (1) teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drank it. That destroys the germs in the bladder. Next morning, no pain; all better!       

Lionel, Namibia     19/06/2015 @10:20:23

It helped me with my voice.        

Surjeet Jassar, Canada     14/06/2015 @17:30:50

Honey and Cinnamon is a complete magic drink.        

Audrey, Jamaica     08/06/2015 @12:46:11

Honey can also be used as a mask when doing facial.        

George, Zambia     28/05/2015 @16:14:23

Cinnamon and honey – powerful mixture for weight loss.        

Magdeline Rathedi, Botswana     15/05/2015 @ 09:54:16

Healthy and smells very refreshing.        

Shaik Ahmed, India     07/05/2015 @ 03:02:44

I gone through your article on honey and cinnamon,its uses and healthy benefits. I am gonna use it and let you know my personal experience later on this message box.        

Heather, United Kingdom     07/05/2015 @ 08:18:08

I had a blood cholesterol of 8 in January. My daughter told me about Honey and cinnamon, so I have had 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and a desert spoon of honey on my porridge in the mornings for the last 2 months. Just had a retest so waiting for results with baited breath!!       

Siyabonga Bheki Mthombeni, South Africa     07/05/2015 @ 08:18:08

I was so impressed about cinnamon and honey. I never know that it is helping so much like this. As from today I will use it and I wish to have more and more about cinnamon and honey. Thanks to a founder.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/05/2015 @ 12:30:10

Oaitse, you may want to try the honey and cinnamon face mask mentioned in this article: Get Right Acne Treatment and Control.        

Oaitse Gabathuse, South Africa     07/05/2015 @ 04:42:38

Good day. I have many acne in my face how can cinnamon & honey help me. Kind Regards, OG.        

Abdul Zakari, Nigeria     04/05/2015 @ 14:38:00

I do enjoy taken honey instead of sugar because of its naturalistic.        

Georgina, Zimbabwe      01/05/2015 @ 01:16:57

I have used honey and cinnamon powder for a few weeks now and a change is showing on my body. I am losing weight and am enjoying it. Palpitations are now very low.        

John, United States     30/04/2015 @ 10:38:22

Just ready to try it.        

Shaik Ahmed, India     29/04/2015 @ 05:58:03

As my brother was suffering from Varicose Veins since 5 years ago,through your knowledge He started using the honey and cinnamon mixture combo, relieved from pain and got good circulation and now an operation has to be done and he is admitted in Sapthagiri hospital on 7th April 2015.       

 David, United States     25/04/2015 @ 18:46:53

Helps me to sleep at night.        Sue, United States     23/04/2015 @ 15:37:34

I’ve just started taking honey before bed as I heard it helps liver function. I have HBP and also high cholesterol and hope that it helps lower both. I’m sleeping better so we shall see. My husband has been taking the honey in the morning for his seasonal allergies and it’s working great. If your going to do that you need to get local raw honey.        

Judith, Lesotho     23/04/2015 @ 00:52:23

I’m yet to try it once more for a fresh breath and my mum’s diabetes.        

Halahala Enterprises, Kenya     21/04/2015 @ 06:22:20

I took honey cinnamon mixture my HBP was 171/140 for 1 week my HBP was as low as 121/95, that was wonderful.        

Sibonile, South Africa     17/04/2015 @ 08:09:10

My daughter had a bad cough since small. The medical experts had always prescribed it as dry/wetcough. Last winter while visiting the pharmacy a young lady heard her cough, she told me about honey and onion, it a didn’t make sense, as I went home and told my wife, we then set down googled honey, cinnamon just added and made my research quite simpler, thanks so much for the tips and so much valuable information, my daughter is well now.        

Maxwell, Nigeria     08/04/2015 @ 13:02:37

Honey and cinnamon cure many more sicknesses than we imagined.        

Liedewey, Netherlands     07/04/2015 @ 05:43:25

I am going to try out.        

Jose Shaduka, Namibia     06/04/2015 @ 12:09:37

I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and as a result I lost one and a have a kidney transplant as a result. I am currently on cortisone and have an amputation of my lower right leg. I want to try the remedy of honey and cinnamon.        

Chacko, India     06/04/2015 @ 07:18:10

Honey and cinnamon reduce cholesterol.        

Dieter, South Africa     05/04/2015 @ 12:31:43

I take a full tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of black coffee every morning before breakfast. result feeling good in my body and general health. By the way I am 80 and still work 8 hours a day. driving 150-200 km a day. The best and cheap food.        

Anne, United States     04/04/2015 @ 07:21:43

I started taking the cinnamon and honey in not water in the morning about 2 months ago. About 1 month ago, I added the Braggs apple cider vinegar. My arthritis is so much better. My thumbs and back pain are about 75-80% better. I am 69 years old, so my quality of life is so much better. I also have Reynauds, and I have had a much easier winter. I could go on, but just wanted people to know that it does work!        

Garikai Feruka, Zimbabwe     11/03/2015 @ 11:00:46

I want to try use honey and cinnamon powder and see how it works. I have a problem of ulcer and stomach pain.        

Girishan Kalathil, India     24/02/2015 @ 07:26:39

I am using cinnamon and honey in light hot water. Results yet to know.        

Calwyn, India     22/02/2015 @ 01:18:02

Cinnamon and honey is very potent. Feed a man who is on a diet and see him get the strength of an ape.        

Capt Guru, India     15/02/2015 @ 10:44:35

I have been using the combination for more than 10 years and benefitted from it.        

Anna Denham, United Kingdom     04/02/2015 @ 02:36:20

Have just started the honey and cinnamon drink morning and evening, not sure how long I can tolerate it as I’m finding the taste horrible!        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/01/2015 @ 09:32:52

Jane, you may want to start taking a daily dose of honey before sleep. The idea of taking honey before bedtime has to do with liver health which is linked to the metabolism during recovery mode (sleep). It is not a one-time program but a great lifestyle recommendation for those who are looking for better health, improved quality of sleep and body immunity over time. Ref: Honey Diet for Hibernation.        

Jane, United States     25/01/2015 @ 15:20:40

I need a solution for NO energy!!        

Leicester, Canada     25/01/2015 @ 09:21:16

Very good site, enjoy the articles. Thanks.        

Letlamelo, Botswana     20/01/2015 @ 03:04:50

I want to hear others’ experiences. thank you.       

 Jennifer, United States     17/01/2015 @ 11:02:36

FYI, make sure that you are using Raw, Unprocessed & Unheated & Unfiltered Honey. If you buy the typical honey sold in supermakets it has been heated to very high temperatures thus destroying virtually ALL of the beneficial properties that it once contained!! Some of the more common brands of Raw Honey are: YS, Stakich, Really Raw Honey, but there are others. Some people do not like the ‘pieces’ in their honey.

Personally, I prefer them to still be in there. It tells me that the honey has NOT been highly filtered and still contains some pollen, bees wax and propolis which are very beneficial.The sugar that is in honey is a completely natural sugar, NOT the VERY HIGHLY processed un-natural sugar, like the white sugar that you buy. The body treats both sugars very differently!!!! The natural sugars in raw honey are beneficial, the highly processed white sugar is very detrimental to the body and its systems.

Here is just one of many sources of information on the difference between the sugar in honey and white processed sugar: http://www.differencebetween.net/object/comparisons-of-food-items/difference-between-sugar-and-honey/        

Mary, Zambia     15/01/2015 @ 09:17:37

Honey and cinnamon for fat lose around the shoulders or buffalo hump.        

Elizabeth, United States     14/01/2015 @ 07:48:43

Just starting… hoping for help with high cholesterol.        

Jackie, United States     06/01/2015 @ 19:13:50

I am hoping it will help with arthritis pain and swelling.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/01/2015 @ 09:32:52

Paul, replace refined processed sugar in your diet with honey. Over the long run, you should see an improvement in your body immunity.        

Paul, South Africa     02/01/2015 @ 12:19:13

I have TB, is it gonna help me uplift my immune system.

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