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Sensational Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe

If you are a pickle-freak, this mouth-watering, crunchy, sweet and sour pickled vegetables prepared in homemade, oriental style might just get you curious!

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It’s actually a concoction that I personally created when I was looking for an all-raw, healthier, and easier alternatives to the famous, authentic “Ah-Char” or Chinese styled pickled vegetables recipe which involves some amount of oil and cooking.

As much as I love the taste of those bottled pickles you get from the grocery stores, I also hate the artificial food coloring and flavors, and the added sugar that come with it.

Try this very simple cold dish that goes perfect as a side with plain porridge, fried rice, or even grilled meats! It rocks!

(Note: And if you are weight conscious, you will be happy to know that this home-made pickled vegetables is extremely low in calories and an excellent appetite control food.)


Sensational Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe Image

Pickling Syrup:

*6-7 tablespoons of lemon juice (or 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar if you fancy stronger pickles, or go for mix of lemon juice and vinegar if you prefer.)

*2 tablespoons of liquid honey (I prefer a light, mild floral honey variety to a dark, strong one in this case. Orange blossom, clover and pumpkin floral varietals are some great choices.

*2-3 teaspoons sea salt


*1 small carrot

*Half a small turnip

*Half a cucumber

*2 slices of Chinese cabbage

*Half a slice of pineapple (not too ripe)

*1-2 long red chillies

*1 tablespoon roasted sesame seeds

*1 tablespoon ground roasted peanuts (optional, forget it if you are cutting down on fats as much as possible.)

Note: It’s hard to advise on the vegetables amount due to the odd sizes they come available. So, you might just have to do some adjustment in terms of the amount of pickling syrup you have to prepare.


1. Wash all vegetables.

2. Remove seeds from cucumber and chilli.

3. Cut carrot, turnip, cabbage, cucumber and chilli into thin strips of about 2 inches long.

4. Cut the pineapple into small thin sections.

5. Mix the pickling syrup, sesame seeds and peanuts into the vegetables and pack them into a glass jar.

6. Enjoy immediately or store in refrigerator to get “stronger” pickles!

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