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Really Raw Honey – An Awesome Honey You Must Try!

Really Raw Honey has a striking, memorable name that once mentioned would not be forgotten easily. It has no fancy bottle label, but just some conventional looking blue and red text against all plain white background. I like the glass bottle, a good storage way if you are keeping the honey for a long time or if you are going to eat it very slowly.

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It’s interesting to note on the bottle that it’s “pesticide free, totally unheated and unstrained” and “still contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb and live enzymes”. It says on its bottle label that the supplier has abandoned superiority claims and instead presented a matter-of-fact description on the bottle “it’s no secret, unprocessed honey, straight from the hive has been used worldwide for millennia to improve digestion, soothe sore throats, coughs, promote healing of burns, wounds, rashes, prevent tooth decay, and provide energy.”

Quite a smart way to stand out from the crowd, I thought.

What’s very unusual and exciting about this honey is it contains what the packaging describes as “capping” – “crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and propolis speckle the top”. Basically what you see when you lift off the cap is a thin layer of wild-looking brown-black and amber particles, which their marketer nicely calls it “Crown Jewels”. See image below:

When you take away the plastic cover and sniff the honey, without any acute sense of smell, you can immediately sense the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Below the dark crust, it’s perfectly flake-free, yellow to brownish cream honey. Some batches of the honey have a dark layer of liquid honey at the top of the bottle but there is really nothing to be alarmed about as it’s only an indication that part of the cream honey has naturally reverted to its most original natural state with no negative impact on the quality of the honey. Cream honey is less messy than liquid honey but to mix it well with water quickly, some warm water (not hot!) does help.

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And the taste? Delightfully pleasant, floral sweet, and a very subtle tinge of lemon taste. I am impressed. The floral aroma is so good (intense but definitely not overpowering) that I almost feel like I have real wild blossoms in the mouth. However, despite all the wonderful claims on the bottle about the edible, nutritious dark brown specks, it’s still not totally pleasant to swallow them. In fact, the bits can be quite hard and many people, especially young children are also likely to frown upon them and view them as “dirt”!

This reminds me of why most commercial honey is processed and thoroughly filtered for its sparkling clean appearance — so that it would be perceived by consumers as appealing “good quality honey”. 

Nevertheless I am so glad that all the particles you can find in the honey are on the utmost top layer. After mixing the honey with water, you may wish to use a strainer to do a quick filter and remove the particles. The rest of the honey in the jar is clear and needs no draining at all.

The price? For sure, Really Raw Honey it’s not the cheapest around. In fact it’s one of the most expensive brands, but one of the most unique and tastiest honey I have ever come across.

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