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Best Sugar for Diabetes

By John, Australia

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Refusing to get diagnosed as a diabetic was a bold decision on my part and it may diminish the value of my story, but it certainly did not diminish the quality of my recovery!

As as lifelong user of honey, I obviously was not a typical case. In the absence of typical symptoms, I did not wish to participate in typical medicinal solutions. What I did do was this:

1) Cut out as many sources as possible of manufactured sweeteners.
2) Use honey almost exclusively for sweetener.

It is pretty impossible to avoid all factory sweeteners and still participate in everyday life around me, but any measure that diminishes their use gives improved health. Non dietary measures include being much more careful not to over extend myself work-wise, as this adrenaline driven activity was virtually dissolving my endocrine glands in particular, and the entire body in general.

These are things I have learned as a result of this two to three year journey:

1) The importance of good restorative sleep and balancing up restful time with work and productive time.
2) Manufactured or factory derived sweeteners mostly all stimulate excessive appetite, while honey normalises appetite thus leading to less caloric overload.
3) The improvement in mental acuity resulting from the improved sleep patterns and the ‘day of rest’ more than compensates for the hours of work time forfeited, through more intelligent and effective focus when I do work.

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to The Hibernation Diet, and later, The Honey Revolution, just as my personal crisis was presenting. The overall view of how my endocrine glands work to manage my bodily functions proved to be a major advantage for me in managing this period of diminished life energy.

I was able to understand what messages my body was trying to send me and also to understand what steps I could take to rectify my daily living patterns with a view to quitting those that were causing my decline and enhancing those that provided my body with conditions more suited to self healing.

I love my honey!

I love ‘Recovery Mode‘.

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