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Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally with Honey

Seasonal allergies can be a frustrating and uncomfortable problem for many people. While over-the-counter allergy medications can provide relief, some people prefer a natural alternative. Recent research has found that honey can treat seasonal allergies effectively and naturally.

How Honey Works to Treat Seasonal Allergies

treat seasonal allergies naturally with honey

The theory behind using local honey for allergies is based on the idea of immunotherapy, which is a type of treatment that exposes the body to small amounts of an allergen to build up immunity. Local bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers and plants, you daily ingest the honey produced by the bees and get exposed to the small amounts of pollen in the honey, and over time your body learns they’re safe when you build up immunity to these allergens.

A study published in the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology (2010) found that participants who consumed honey containing birch pollen had a significant reduction in daily allergy rhino-conjunctival symptoms compared to a control group. In addition, participants reported a higher quality of life, had better control of their symptoms and used less antihistamine medications.

It is important to note that not all types of honey are equal and may be effective for treating allergies. Raw, unprocessed honey that is locally produced is recommended, as it is more likely to contain the types of pollen that are causing the allergies in the area. To use honey as a natural treatment for allergies, it is recommended to take a teaspoon of locally produced raw honey as needed. It can be taken alone or mixed with warm water or tea.

The finding that honey can be an effective and natural treatment for allergies is a beneficial discovery for those seeking natural remedies for seasonal allergies. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to over-the-counter allergy medications, consider trying honey next time allergy season rolls around.


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