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Need to know about Honey and Cinnamon Cures. However Tea and Honey is great, you feel young forever. Have a cup of tea with one tea spoon of honey and you will be fit all day long. I need to try mixing my tea also with cinnamon.

Wouter Sahanaya, Indonesia
31 Dec 2012

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After reading Cinnamon’s effect in diabetes I started taking it as per the given doses/measures. Unfortunately it increased my blood sugar level to abnormal i.e. 400. It seems it is not good for diabetic patients as it tasts sweet or may be not at all good for diabetics.

Mahesh Sharma, India
17 Dec 2012

I read about Cinnamon I take with honey and it works for my anus sore.

Kamaldeen, Nigeria
7 Dec 2012

I put honey on a cyst at night for only two days and I couldn’t believe that it went down in size and also went to the Doc (they wanted to remove it with freezing) he said to keep doing it, it was not malignant, on my third day now.

Tanya, Canada
17 Nov 2012

I never knew this fact and have promised myself that from today going not a day will pass without taking cinnamon and honey.

Elizabeth, Ghana
2 Nov 2012

Finally, I got my real cinnamon and raw honey today! There is really a big difference with the one I’m using before. The cinnamon is very fine, I don’t need to strain and don’t have a strong fragrant. The honey is naturally sweet and I will bid goodbye to sugar! I hope this two will help me to loose weight and control my hormonal imbalance. 2005 I was diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrome and making it difficult for me to conceive. Now, I’m planning to get pregnant and I hope it’s gonna be successfull.

Lennie, Singapore
30 Oct 2012

Eight months after a stent in my heart my blood pressure started increasing. My cardiologist increased my dosage of pressure tablets and still the pressure remained at 150/90. I had been taking honey and cinnamon as a detox some years ago, so I thought why not try it to bring down my pressure. Guess what after only two weeks of taking it, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach my pressure dropped to a perfect 120/80. Try it!

Shyamin, Sri Lanka
26 Oct 2012

I’m getting to where I’m beginning to start drinking hot green tea with honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice atleast once a day… especially in the morning times when I first wake up!!!

Joshua, United States
8 Oct 2012

Honey purchased from your local supermarket has all the “benefits” of plain old white sugar. Only raw, unheated, unfiltered honey is REAL honey; I purchase mine in bulk from Upper Michigan. REAL honey can be recognized thus.. It is thick and creamy in color. if it is kept in a warm room it has the consistency of a thick jam. if the room is cool the honey will solidify similar to that of a spreadable oleo.

I get my powdered cinnamon directly from Ceylon.. now called Sri Lanka. I tried to cut corners and ordered what was claimed to be Ceylon cinnamon from New York.. it turned out to be cassia, which I understand if taken in quantity can do more harm than good; it got dumped.

I mix a generous amount of powdered cinnamon into a jar of honey until it becomes a heavy paste and I eat two heaping teaspoons of the mixture before going to bed and I sleep sound for a solid eight hours, this didn’t happen overnight, it took several weeks.

Ascot, United States
30 Sep 2012

Ruth: Hi Ascot, I would like to point out that the creamy texture of honey should not be taken as an indication of real honey. Creamed honey is a result of a controlled crystallisation process. You can find real honey in liquid form as well. In fact, how viscous the honey is depends on various factors such as weather conditions, humidity, etc. Runny honey can too be 100% pure and unadulterated. You may find this article which clarifies many common misconceptions about honey useful: Frequently Asked Information About Honey .

I never believed that this could work…it worked miracles..the mixture of honey and cinammon in lukewarm water does miracles…I used to feel so lazy like I just wanted days to pass by as I just lie in bed, but on the discovery of this miraculous ingredients I feel like I could jump to the sky..it gets rid of the stomach fat that is dangerous…I took that mixture for 2 months and now I look amazing and I feel amazing… wow.

Catherine, Kenya
25 Sep 2012

If you are going to use Cinnamon, make sure it is pure Ceylon Cinnamon, and not Cassia which contains 5 % Coumarin, a toxin that is very harmful to the liver and kidneys. Ceylon Cinnamon only has .05% Coumarin. The Cinnamon you purchase in the stores or Supermarkets has little or no curative properties… You have to send away to Sri Lanka to get the TRUE CINNAMON Good Health…

Judy, United States
30 Aug 2012

Ruth: Judy, indeed there are quite some differences between Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. I have made a table before to compare them in: Ceylon Cinnamon Versus Cassia Cinnamon.

This is Robinah. I am glad to share with you all those who need to lose weight with cinnamon and honey recipe. It is indeed a great remedy for weight loss. I have so far lost 12kgs in two weeks. I mix the cinnamon and honey every evening. ie. 1 tea spoon of cinnamon with 1 cup of boiled water, cover it and let it cool. Then after cooling, I add two tea spoon of honey and mix properly. Then, before I go to bed, I take half of the mixture and later the half is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a great recipe. Try it, you will not regret.

Robinah, Uganda
29 Aug 2012

I am Type 2 diabetic and I’m very interested in the Honey and Cinnamon cures.

Betty, United States
16 Aug 2012

The combination of honey and cinnamon is very good, I feel so active and I also don’t get the menstrual pains since I drink honey and cinnamon and I’m also losing weight that I have been struggling of.

Mamikie, South Africa
14 Aug 2012

Remedy for diabetes.

Lungu Enock, Zambia
12 Aug 2012

I would like to read anything on honey and cinnamon cures, I have known about honey and cinnamon for some time and as I need to reduce weight now’s the time.

John, Australia
7 Aug 2012

You an never go wrong with this combination.

Sophie, Kenya
30 July 2012

Thanks for your site about honey and cinnamon I have got an excellent home remedy for weight loss and other benefits, thanks to you.

Berhanu Getenet, Ethiopia
23 July 2012

I’m thinking of going on the cinnamon diet which includes mixing it with honey. I was wondering if anyone knows if honey raises one’s blood sugars because you see I’ve been told to try and lower my levels (so to help me health-wise overall I’m doing this cleanse).

Also could I use the capsules for this diet or do I HAVE to use cinnamon grounded up. I guess I’m asking for the taste or texture, does it matter?

Paul, United Kingdom
17 July 2012

Ruth: Hi Paul, sorry I’ve no idea what exactly goes into those cinnamon pills you mentioned, so can’t really comment on their effectiveness or make a comparison with cinnamon powder. Honey is known to be able to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar. If you have a special concern regarding blood sugar, you may want to start with small dosages, a teaspoon, then gradually increase to two, as you monitor your blood sugar closely. You may want to read this article on the subject of honey, diabetics and prediabetics: Is Honey Allowed in Diabetic Diet?.

Honey is good for sexual health.

Surya Bahadur Basnet, United Arab Emirates
16 July 2012

I am a C3 incomplete quadriplegic. I also have arthritis in both hips and back. My back gets really sore at different times during my routines during the week. My friend sent me the benefits of honey and cinnamon e-mail. I felt I had nothing to lose. 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with warm water after breakfast then again after supper. After a week and a half, my back wasn’t sore anymore. Since then I only feel slight discomfort at times but nothing like the pain I had before. I was a skeptic and now I’m a believer. Awesome!

Robert, Canada
2 July 2012

I have been taking honey and cinnamon every morning on an empty stomach for the last one and a half years. It has helped maintain my weight and control hair loss too. It is a wonderful remedy for all ilnesses.

Shobhna, India
17 June 2012

Yes, I’ve tried it and it works and has become part and parcel of my diet.

Mercy, Kenya
11 June 2012

A friend sent me a message about this remedy. I mix two tablespoonful of honey in warm water and sprinkle cinnamon in it. I drink in the morning before breakfast or before I go to bed. Before I couldn’t chew on one side of my mouth, suddenly I can,and also I will some pain in my teeth or mouth saw, when I chew on hard meat. It has ceased. I can sleep very well too. The remedy works a lot in the body.

Pauline, Japan
5 June 2012

Myself taking cinnamon powder, honey with luke warm water last 3 month almost regularly before one hour breakfast, amazing reasults coming , my wt almost( 84 to 79 kg) 5 kg less and my chlorostol level almost 33% down and insafe range, other so much benefits are there as stomach, teeth, energy level, body pain very effective mixture of this so please try it……..

Bharat Bhushan, India
30 May 2012

Just got started but it taste good. Me and my ole lady are going to start having this daily.

Sidewinder, United States
28 May 2012

Very effective.

Shax, Parkistan
28 May 2012

It’s really good!

Lyne Ace, The Philippines
26 May 2012

Very important information on Raw honey and Cinnamon! Bravooo.

Kareem Hayuma, Tanzania
22 May 2012

I’ve had issues with my stomach and bowels for more than two years. Dokters with all their medice have not been able to help, so I’ve started trailing different things. Have been taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon and teaspoon of honey every morning now for a month. For the past week my stomach has not had any acid issues and bowels have returned to normal. Feels wonderful!!!!

Suze, New Zealand
22 May 2012

I had a case of severe diarrhea and a friend of mine who knows herbal medicine had me mix a teaspoon of cinnomon with honey and it stopped the diarrhea in an hour.

Paula, United States
19 May 2012

My two children have sinus problem. Need some herbal medicine, for example honey cinnamon to cure young children.

Premah, Malaysia
18 May 2012

I’ve just started taking the honey cinnamon mixture for weight loss. I couldn’t take it in the boiled water mixture as you have to let it cool before drinking and I found that the mixture was almost slimy. To fix that I just make a paste of 1/2 tsp. cinnamon to 1 tsp honey and eat it with a spoon and then drink a glass of warm water. Works well. Have already lost 3 lb. I am also sleeping better as well.

Linda, Canada
14 May 2012

I wanted to try cinnamon with honey but it seems hard to find cinnamon powder. Any idea where to buy in Singapore? Thanks! 🙂

Leoie, Singapore
14 May 2012

Ruth: Leoie, are you referring to the Ceylon cinnamon powder (as opposed to Chinese cinnamon)? If you are, I afraid you can’t find it here. But you may want to check out: Buy Honey Online.

I was having high cholesterol, I started taking cinnamon & honey mixture. After 1 month and some days, cholesterol level was in border level in lab report.

Suresh, India
10 May 2012

I have been drinking honey, cinnamon for months now. I have lost a lot of weight, and my digestion problems have disappeared. Now hoping to get my high cholestrol under control.

Janelle, United States
2 May 2012

It really works. Am thinking of adding apple cider to it. That is apple cider, cinnamon, cayenne and honey mixed in hot water like a tea. Am really looking smaller.

Becky, Cameroon
30 Apr 2012

About 2-3 times a week I eat oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon and a variety of ground nuts along with a tablespoon of honey. I’m 66 years old and have the stamina and physique of a 40 year old. I attribute this to diet and exercise.

Ed, United States
19 Apr 2012

The use of cinnamon and honey has drastically reduced my cholesterol level.

Kwasi, Ghana
16 Apr 2012

Honey & cinnamon is one best remedy.

Bonsu dee, Ghana
12 Apr 2012

I have been having a cup of hot lemon juice in the morning before food and then at night I have been having half a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with one teaspoon of honey at night before bed. I am reading the posts and find that alot of people are having honey and cinnamon in the morning. Should I add honey and cinnaomon to my lemon juice in the mornings? I am using this for weight loss and to get over a stomach bug that has persisted in comming back for months now, even after several courses of anitbiotics.

Natalie, Australia
11 Apr 2012

Ruth: The honey and cinnamon remedy is commonly taken in the morning before breakfast when the stomach is empty. I would advise separating lemon from the mixture. You may want to give the honey and cinnamon recipe a try in the morning for a few weeks to compare the results with taking it before bed and then move on to use the honey and lemon recipe in the next few weeks to make a further assessment. Taking everything at the same time doesn’t help in establishing the effectiveness of each remedy.

Honey and a little juice is good for the common cold.

Winsome, Jamaica
9 Apr 2012

I will be glad to know more about honey and cinamon for my health. Many thanks.

Chrissie Kadzongola, Malawi
28 Mar 2012

Your articles are so interesting. I will try them. Thanks. More power.

Riza, The Philippines
27 Mar 2012

Thank you for your writings on home remedies to protect and cure several diseases by cinnamon and honey. I tried for one month and I get a good result.

Berhanu, Ethiopia
22 Mar 2012

Honey and Cinnamon relieves the pain on my knees and it keeps me energetic everyday…it’s amazing.

Lucille, The Philippines
22 Mar 2012

I’m currently taking cinnamon + honey 2 times daily before meals. I find it very beneficial for my weight loss. I’ve yet to test my sugar level. I’ll be happy to read any articles related to cinnamon + honey.

Seevalingam, Malaysia
18 Mar 2012


Smriti, India
18 Mar 2012


Anet, Uganda
16 Mar 2012

honey dipper and liquid honey image

The cinnamon and honey has helped me a lot i have lost seven pounds, still waiting to lose bloated stomach, but have lots of energy.

Cynthia Montgomery, United States
11 Mar 2012

Honey for all in one…for every1 and any age.

Aaliya, United Arab Emirates
11 Mar 2012

Please note, and keep in mind that Honey is the same as Plain table sugar. Sugar is Sugar!

Aaron F Johnson, United States
9 Mar 2012

Ruth: Aaron, two books will change your perception of honey – The Honey Hibernation Diet and The Honey Revolution by Dr. Ron Fessenden which explain the scientific facts of honey as the most ideal fuel during the night fast (sleep), no other sugar (natural or artificial) can be comparable in this. It is about liver health (an area that has been much neglected) which is linked to our immunity function and body metabolism during our recovery mode. Honey is much more than just a simple sugar. There is really more than meets the eye. Ref: Honey Isn’t Just Sugar!

When I was very young, my parents bought and we used a product called “Honey Butter”. I imagine it was a combination of the two but it sure taster good on toast in the mornings.

Bill, United States
7 Mar 2012

Ruth: Yup, Bill, this is an all-time favorite breakfast spread. If you like to make you own, there is a couple of recipes in this page: Honey Butter Recipes

I have been drinking a cup of warm water with a mixture of garlic, honey and cider vinegar. With the knowledge of cinnamon, can I add it to the mixture?

Jacqui, Ghana
7 Mar 2012

Ruth: I haven’t come across a concoction that combines all those ingredients, so can’t comment on it. It may be better to take them separately in a different time frame so that you can assess the response of your body to each of the concoction.

I have not tried this formular but am interested to learn the findings of others.

Larry, United Kingdom
1 Mar 2012

I am just starting the honey cinnamon cures. Starting with weight loss.

Joyce, Canada
26 Feb 2012

Taking Cinnamon and honey spread on bread for breakfast is great. Diabetic level with 11.8 mmoL/L has helped to bring down to 4.9 mmoL/L within 10 months. I have been taking regularly twice daily, i.e breakfast with bread and dinner mixed with freshmilk. Not only that I have lost my weight by 5.8kgs over 10 months. It’s a great natural treatment for diabetic and weight loss.

Sachiaynathan Thambyrajah, Malaysia
14 Feb 2012

I was looking up on line for constipation as I have beeon a chinese tea for the past 20 years, and I have started taking cinammon and honey on an empty stomach for the past week, and with prayers to the Almighty God I am able with a a little discomfort go to the bathroom without the tea. My bloatedness I suffered for years have been subsiding and i look forward to losing some weight with it along with exercise. My diet is always filled with greens and veggies so no problem there.

Florence Austin, Canada
10 Feb 2012

I have a very oily face and thus this produces a lot of acnes and pimples on my face and most part of my body. After applying a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder for one month the pimples disappeared.

Cynthiamaya, Ghana
7 Feb 2012

I have been told that people with digestive problems should not take more then 1/2 tsp of cinnamon daily or they can get irritation and/or discomfort in the stomach.

Annie, Canada
5 Feb 2012

I started using manuka honey, ACV and cinnamon for 2 weeks now the results are amazing. I sleep great and down 9 pounds… I will continue this forever…

Jennifer, United States
30 Jan 2012

I have prostrate cancer, the agressive type. Does anyone know if honey and cinnamon can help me at all? Looking 4 all the help I can get.

Mike, United States
23 Jan 2012

This is a remedy for ladies!

I drink cinnamon tea with honey to help with severe dysmenorrhea. It reduces swelling, pain and nausea. All you do is bring to a boil one cup of water with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (it can stain and flavor your teapot, so use a separate one just for this). Pour into your mug and mix in half teaspoon honey to remove any bitterness. Drink it hot. You will feel relief quite quickly.

I don’t know if it might interact with other medications, but if you aren’t taking anything else it’s a great solution. Without the tea I used to suffer hours on end and could barely eat, drink, or get out of bed for two days EVERY month. No joke. My doctors found nothing extraordinary or “wrong” with my body, but the symptoms continued to be severe.

They offered me two solutions: hormonal treatment using birth control pills, or the anti-inflammatory medicine Midol. I chose the latter before learning about cinnamon tea. Midol works just fine. However, there were times I was so nauseous that I couldn’t swallow or would end up vomiting it out. In contrast, the warmth and gentle flavor of tea prevents a gag reflex or an upset stomach and makes it a more effective remedy for me.

I also tried other kinds of herbal tea, such as mint and chamomile. None had the same pain-relieving effects as the cinnamon & honey combination.

This changed my life. I hope it helps someone else out there too. 🙂

Mimi, The Philippines
22 Jan 2012

Surfing the web to find natural skin care and came across your site. Noticed article about how honey can lower blood sugar. I’m diabetic and lately I’ve been using honey in tea, toast etc. Just decided to try and not use artificial sweetners as much. The last week my blood sugar results have been lower. In fact, too low and not taking short acting insulin at this time. Must be something to this.

Honeybee, United States
22 Jan 2012

I have a friend who is a diabetic and the honey worked wonders for her and she is doing great…

Sylvia, United States
22 Jan 2012

Great article.

KyHoneyCinnamon, United States
18 Jan 2012I was suffer from throat infection for more then 2 weeks and I gave up to take antibiotic and a lot of tablet from doctor, I search in google and found the advise to mix cinnamon and honey in boiled water, I did it for 3 days and amazing result, the infection was relief, fever was gone and I felt better than taking pharmacy medication.

Komariah, United Arab Emirates
18 Jan 2012

I have just started eating honey daily so I hope it will help ease the pain in my 54 year old joints.

Chris, United Arab Emirates
17 Jan 2012

I am trying it, for high Cholestrol. Hope it works.

Marlène, South Africa
15 Jan 2012

After reading honey tips from the web site I took honey remedies, it is very helpful, really amazing.

A.B.Pattanaik, India
14 Jan 2012

Helps me with my joint pain.

Patty, United States
5 Jan 2012

Hi, thanks to all n happy nu yr. Very good ideas. I have been taking honey two teaspoons and hot water in the morning and evening as my tea for weight loss, but apart from feeling light, the weight has stayed the same, but I have learnt the concoction with Cinnamon I will start that on an empty stomach, I believe the results will be great!

Patrick, Uganda
2 Jan 2012

I am 73 years old and for six years, I took eight pills daily for high blood pressure and associated health problems. One pill, Lotrel, states that it causes liver damage. I started looking for healthy alternatives. I started eating oatmeal, cinnamon and honey daily daily for breakfast ceral. 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey and microwave for 5 minutes in a deep dish (plastic) 2-3 quarts. Place the oatmeal in the dish, add the cinnamon, shake softly until well mixed, add honey, then water. Make sure the dish is covered.

When done, add water or milk to the consistency desire and eat warm or cold. One year later, I was off all pills. Now, two years later, no high blood pressure and I really feel better all around.

Skip, United States
25 Dec 2011

Very amazing info…

Maria Bartolome, The Philippines
24 Dec 2011

I’m a diabetic type 2 I’ve been taking manuka honey an cinnamon for 6 months now and my doctor can not believe my blood sugar has come down to normal. I was too afraid to say so he doesn’t know my secret.

Monica Gilmore, United Kingdom
23 Dec 2011

I have made a health juice concoction here –>> HealthyAdvantage.blogspot.com. I mix together Apple Cider Vinegar,Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon with Green Tea … I was having to get bursitis shots in my shoulder,well I have been drinking this concoction for 6 yrs now .. No more bursitis shots… Heck Im now 51 yrs old and feeling as good as I did at 30 yrs old … I can now throw a football with no bursitis pain at all .. Im amazed!!!! I have no more acid indegestion,headaches,muscle cramps,nausea …. Heck I have’nt even tried to get sick in yrs =)

Mark, United States
11 Dec 2011


Adam, India
10 Dec 2011

I have been taking honey cinnamon for three months and it did miracles for me by healing my headache that I have for so many years.

Lerato Motsepe, South Africa
3 Dec 2011

I tried honey mixed with cinnamon on a tooth ache and it worked wonders. Instant healing took place. Wow!

Wilbert, Botswana
29 Nov 2011

I need cinnamon for my diabetes but it hurts my gut.

Erech, United States
12 Nov 2011

I mix 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in 1 tablespoon of honey & make a paste & take it before breakfast every morning & it has kept my arthritis under control, seeing I can’t take pain tablets because of an allergy to them, this has been such a good help & keeps me pain free.

Marilyn, Australia
9 Nov 2011

I lost about 6/7 lbs within a couple of weeks by drinking half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 2 teaspoons of raw honey in warm water. I drink one cup first thing in the morning and 1 cup last thing at night. I just tried to not overeat and drank the above mixture and the weight came off pretty easily.

Michele, United Kingdom
7 Nov 2011

I kinda like the taste and it reminds me of red hots.

David, United States
1 Nov 2011

I have been coughing constantly for 2 weeks then tried the honey and cinnamon mixture twice a day, my coughing has dissappeared. I am so relieved, I am now stiil drinking the mixture as I believe it will benefit my weight loss as well.

Eileen, South Africa
21 Oct 2011

I know cinnamon can be put in tea n soup or porridge.

Joseph, Ghana
20 Oct 2011

Hi, I am a diabetic and overweight (after starting to take insulin 5 shots a day) and want to reduce weight and reduce/end my dependency on the needle!

Tony, Australia
19 Oct 2011

Honey on brown age spots helps.

Moel, United States
11 Oct 2011

Honey and cinnamon helped lower my cholesterol when taken regularly.

Mary, United States
6 Oct 2011

Cinnamon is also a powerful hemostat and can be of great use in some female complaints.

Mkpasha, Pakistan
3 Oct 2011

I was very fat but this honey and cinnemon reduced my un-usual fat and now it becomes part of my daily routine.

Neeraj, Sierra Leone
27 Sep 2011

One of the side effects I had were constipation and insomnia.

After doing some research I found that constipation was due to calcium in cinnamon. Cinnamon is very rich in calcium. Magnesium tablets helped with that. As far as insomnia goes I stopped using cinnamon and honey in the evening.

Jen, Sweden
26 Sep 2011

Ruth: Interesting, Jen. Actually, traditionally the cinnamon and honey mixture has also been used to treat constipation and insomnia. Personally, I have found it to be helpful in moving bowels and promoting sleep.

What are the side effects of honey and cinnamon?

Redika, Mauritius
19 Sep 2011

Ruth: Honey and cinnamon is generally a safe concoction. But due its cleansing effects, a minority has reported to experience loose stool. The way our body respond to food and medicine is never the same for all. Monitor and listen to your own body. Stop using it if any major discomfort arises.

I am trying to lose weight, with little success.

Patricia Duff, New Zealand
16 Sep 2011

Thank you for coming up with the website. I am now very interested about honey and the bees.

My future mum-in-law forwarded me an email on honey and cinnamon remedy for weight loss. I was skeptical at first and went to google search on the remedy. I came upon your website, tried the remedy and the hibernation diet. It works! I didn’t weigh myself but found that my pants became loose. I will try to persevere in my honey consumption and hopefully I manage to slim down in time to take my wedding photos in this December. I also found that my skin became better! My fiance is obese but has also lost weight after taking honey n cinnamon.

Zee Xin Yi, Singapore
10 Sep 2011

I am only beginning to see the benefits of honey.

Erna, South Africa
10 Sep 2011

I am just started with honey only and there is a slight change for the last three days. I will start with Cinnamon, since I have read and shared the experience to day. On the other hand I have tried 1/2 k.g butter mixed with 1/2 k.g. Honey,1 soup spoon garlic, 1/2 tea spoon Cinnamon kept for a week. Then after I have used to eat 1 soup spoon every morning before break fast and evening.I found it very effective, specally to to get rid of sever coughing.

Mulisa Urga, Ethiopia
5 Sep 2011

I was on Lipitor for my high cholesterol. I started using honey and cinnamon with my oatmeal. I eat it 3 times a week. Well, I went back to the Dr. after about 2 1/2 months. She was surprised how low my levels gone. I know oatmeal helps. But I believe the combination of all 3 has helped.

Rod, United States
28 Aug 2011

Have one sided hearing loss,with 80% hearing in other ear. A BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) has not worked, after having a pin surgically implanted above my ear and then spending nearly $4000 on a hearing aid. Looking for less expensive natural remedy.

Ernie, Canada
24 Aug 2011

Very very useful tips. Keep it up. I am going to try and succeed. Thanks & Regards.

Narayan, India
19 Aug 2011

I introduced honey and cinnamon to person with these big pimples and holes in her face and when she used it for less than a month, everything cleared and her face looks very smooth just as if she is under age. It works very well.

Maris, Nigeria
5 Aug 2011

Benefits of Honey for pregnant women can be tremendous due to it being natural and non-medical. Its a great energy source and increases the absorption of calcium in the body.

Adam, Malaysia
23 Jul 2011

I am very happy to learn of all this miracles that honey and cinnamon does to the better health of our being.

Nice, Kenya
19 Jul 2011

Hi my name is Robert, I suffer from mild to severe arthritis & found that my pain has completley gone from taking cinnamon & honey.

Robert, Australia
15 Jul 2011

I found cinnamon added to my oatmeal not only made it delicious and easier to eat, but I felt better too. When I ate oatmeal without cinnamon, I would feel hungry and tired about 2 hours later.

I learned from Indian cooks how to make some traditonal recipes. The secret is use all the seasonings and spices as direted. Almost all of them include ground or stick cinnamon. The complex flavors make it difficult to detect exactly what is in the recipe. But the cinnamon plays as an important part as the others.

I prefer to use the ground cinnamon as it diffuses its flavor more evenly and even though it darkens the food, I like the effects. Indian foods when prepared correctly, digests well without bloating, indigestion, or burping, and the body elimination is evident. Body ordor is not as strong as one might expect. And temperment and sleep is restful. Cinnamon is a leading player.

Lila Rogers, United States
1 Jul 2011


Nonkululeko Mkhabela, Swaziland
15 Jun 2011

Good to know i can use honey and cinnamon for bad breath.

Catherine, Kenya
25 May 2011

Honey is useful in every disease. It is an anti-oxidant.

Gopi Chand Dogra, India
15 May 2011

I have added cinnamon and honey to my daily diet.

I have lost several pounds within the last five weeks and my energy level has greatly increased.

Zaven, United States
30 Apr 2011

This really works.

Lena, Zimbabwe
30 Apr 2011

I have used ‘local honey’ for YEARS [approx 30] for control of allergies. It works well I believe because the bees collect the pollens and provide a ‘vaccine’ effect to protect from allergies. Cinnamon is something I am more recently added and have heard many positive comments about the use. I have also use ‘organic’ apple cider vinegar. For those having issues with tummy/bowel, perhaps you are not using organic type.

The regular types of acv that have been processed have important enzymes affected by processing … so before getting discouraged or confused make sure to try ‘organic ‘ acv [ Braggs good choice but there are others too] OACV, is great for health … acv also is good for disinfecting & regular vinegar for controling sugar ants by wiping down counters or other areas.

Lani, United States
27 Apr 2011

I take it last seven days. I feel better than before.It is absolutely incredible. Taste is very tough!

Suman Saha, Bangladesh
18 Apr 2011


Ladys, United States
13 Apr 2011

Honey is awesome.


Julian, Dominica
2 Apr 2011

Honey is awesome.

Adejoke Gold, Nigeria
19 Mar 2011

Honey and cinnamon powder do wonders with my hypertension by drinking every night a cupful of hot tea with 1tsp cinnamon powder and 4 tsp honey.

14 Mar 2011

Honey and Cinnamon does reduce cholesterol levels quite quickly.

PANKAJ, United Kingdom
9 Mar 2011

I was having a runny nose and a bad cough so in the morning before school, my mom said to put honey in a teaspoon an sprinkle cinnamon allover the honey. So I did and ate it too and the whole day at school my nose wasnt runny and i barely coughed! Right now I’m still doing the same thing everyday! It really works!

Faith, United States
4 Mar 2011

Started with a bladder infection the other day, I do not like taking anti-biotic tablets from the doctor as I believe that they lower the immune system. Started to take bicarbonate of soda in water three times a day, it got a little better but would be just as bad the next morning.

Yesterday morning, I took two tablespoons of cinnamon plus one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water after getting up, it was the consistency of mud but certainly tasted good and left me with cinnamon scented breath for hours. Later the same day, I mixed two teaspoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey into another glass of lukewarm water and this morning it would seem that the bladder infection has gone. Only thing is it has so many other benefits I think I may carry on taking it every morning.

Stephanie, United Kingdom
27 Feb 2011

Having used honey and cinnamon on my face i’ve seen a great difference and now my 14year old has become fond of it for an acne problem he is having.

Chamaine, Trinidad and Tobago
24 Feb 2011

I suffer from sinus problems on a regular basis and get infections at least twice a year! It’s hard for me to sleep because I can’t breath when I lay down so I was taking sinus pills 1/2 hour before bedtime! With winter upon me I decided to try the local Honey and Cinnamon ritual! The very first night I slept very well without my nose closing up!

I have been taking about 1/2 tsp of the local honey and cinnamon mix that I put together and I haven’t had any problems sleeping at all for over a month now! In fact I’ve never slept better! I haven’t taken a sinus pill since the beginning of December! Now my hubby is taking it with me and he sleeps so much better and breathes more even than when he was taking a sleeping pill. We are also taking honey and vinegar for arthritis! For allergies make sure to get the local raw honey!

Nancy, United States
20 Jan 2011

OBESITY: To reduce weight, daily drink a mixture of a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder boiled in water with an empty stomach in the morning about half an hour before breakfast.

Rekha, India
5 Jan 2011

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