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12 Sugar Effects Articles

Get hold of as much facts of sugar effects on our health as possible.

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1) Read Jane’s story on how sugar was a big culprit in her tumbling dieting efforts: Mystery of a Failed Weight Loss Diet.

2) What is sucrose and how does it hide behind so many names on food labels?

3) Corn syrup is made from corn…and is fine in moderation? Is this a truth or a lie?

4) Boy, how did sugar-laden Froot Loops get itself a Healthy Food Label!?

5) High Fructose Corn Syrup sounds really healthy! Hold on, it’s worth finding out more!

6) Did anyone warn you about Energy Drink Side Effects?

7) You might know the many different types and names of sugars, but do you know what they are made of? Read Sugar Substitute: What’s behind the name?

8) Buying sugarfree candies and gums again? Think twice, they may not as desirable as you think.

9) You must try my six most favourite Sugar Busters to combat binges for sweet junkies.

10) Ironic as it may seem, so-called “fruit sugars” can be dangerous for diabetics. Read Fructose Corn Syrup or Fruit Sugar?.

11) Would it really make a difference if you add brown sugar instead of white sugar into your tea and coffee? Read Is Brown Sugar Really Healthier?.

12) Sugar alcohol is neither a sugar nor an alcohol. What is it? Is it healthy to eat? More in: Are You Eating Sugar Alcohol?.

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