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Just wanted to say that I asked my Dr. about the honey and cinnamon plan and he said for me to use only Sugar Free honey which I found and bought at my local Public’s Grocery store. It tastes just like regular honey. Thank you.

Rose Combs, United States
29 Dec 2014

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Ruth: Sugar-free honey is not honey at all. The honey cinnamon mixture is not about its taste but its goodness. Sugar-free honey contains maltitol, an artificially produced sugar alcohol. Beware of the adverse health effects of artificial sugars. They are probably the worst form of sweeteners. Some articles that are might be of interest to you:
Eating Real Honey?
Are You Eating Sugar Alcohol?
Is Honey Allowed in Diabetic Diet?

I love to use honey and cinnamon for cures and I want to share with my friends.

Jacqulyn Mulvey, United States
29 Dec 2014

Very excited to try this.

Annett, United States
17 Dec 2014

Use this daily in my needs for many things but mainly for cholesterol control.

George, United States
5 Dec 2014

Hi been using organic cinnamon for a few weeks to lose a few pounds, it tastes great with the Manuka honey. I work out every day but it does not seem to work, I take a cup of it on a empty stomach at night and first thing in the morn 🙁 I don’t have a lot of weight to lose.

Aine, Ireland
26 Nov 2014

I experienced a late night cough and felt like something scrap my throat, drank variuos cough mixtures, but did not recover. I tried honey and cinnamon for a week before bed time, then the problem solved eventually.

Hazel, South Africa
12 Nov 2014

I use both honey and cinnamon in my coffee, cereal and cooking.

Anthony, United States
6 Nov 2014

I know that honey and cinnamon are very good for you. I have stomach problems and it’s good for that.

Joan, United States
30 Oct 2014

Interesting article. So many benefits.

Teo, Singapore
25 Oct 2014

My mother asked me to try honey and cinnamon mixture. I have year round allergies and blow my nose every 5 minutes. In a couple of days notice my body having the urge to cough up phlegm. In the next couple of days, I noticed I could breath through my nose, that has never been possible. Then another week, I noticed I wasn’t blowing my nose so much.

I went from blowing my nose every 5 minutes to once a day. Then many noticed my allergies getting better. I drank this in a tea every day for a month and it had my allergies 95% cleared. I was shocked, but of course I stopped and my allergies are still controlled. I will continue this in a day morning and night.

Beatrice, United States
24 Oct 2014

Is honey cinnamon drink safe for all or specific to body condition?

Niharika Rao, India
24 Oct 2014

Ruth: Side effects of honey and cinnamon are not known, but so far a few have reported experiencing insomnia when they take it in evening. Also, for regular/daily consumptions, cassia cinnamon is not recommended as it contains a high level of coumarin content that can be harmful for the liver and kidney. Ref: Ceylon Cinnamon Versus Cassia Cinnamon


Faarimah, Nigeria
22 Oct 2014

I’ve started using honey and cinnamon and I’m yet to start see the results.

Wina, Zambia
11 Oct 2014

I have just started using it for Rheumatoid Arthritis, blood pressure, kidney failure etc, hope it helps.

Ngaere, Australia
10 Oct 2014

Wonderful article.

Tanis, United States
9 Oct 2014

Hi, I am thinking about taking honey and cinnamon and was wondering about the best way to mix them together or do I add a fluid and mix them like that?

Maureen, United Kingdom
7 Oct 2014

Ruth: You may want to follow our suggested in: Cinnamon and Honey Recipe

Need more information on honey and cinnamon cures. We have a lot of cancer in our family history does this help the immune system as well? Thank you.

Christine, United States
6 Oct 2014

Ruth: Yes, the cinnamon and honey combination does help in strengthening the our body immune system over time. Hence, some people believe in sprinkling a pinch of cinnamon powder into their daily cup of tea or coffee for longevity.

I am in medication for thyroid and consuming tab of 25mcg every morning in an empty stomach. My query is can I consume honey with cinnamon mixture after taking tab? Will it be helpful to reduce weight and are there any side effects? Thank you

Ashwini, India
4 Oct 2014

Ruth: Sorry Ashwini, we are unable to provide medical advice on complications or side effects of consuming cinnamon and honey as a result of using other medications. If you have a concern about taking the mixture together with your current medications, please consult your medical doctor.

I read the testimonies on the benefits of honey and cinnamon, many of them mentioned weight loss. I would like to try this concoction or the “ACV w/ honey” to ease my digestive issues, but I don’t want to lose weight, I am trying to gain weight, so I am not sure if I take this concoction will I lose more weight? Would appreciate your input. Thank you.

Joan, Canada
29 Sep 2014

Ruth: For the cinnamon and honey mixture, weight loss benefits come about for many people who have weight management issues due to health problems such as poor metabolism, diabetes, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol. If you do not have these problems, I don’t expect that you will be seeing the same effects. If you still have doubts about taking cinnamon, maybe, you should just keep to the cider vinegar and honey drink, which is known to be rather effective for treating digestion problems, even without the additional cinnamon.

I’m just starting this regimen and want to be sure I’m doing it correctly for maximum benefit. Am I supposed to drink all the cinnamon that is left over at the bottom of cup? Even when frequently swirling or stirring while drinking it still leaves a lot leftover for the last few sips. might I also ask whether the drink should be cooler or cold when I stir in the honey? I let it sit for 30 minutes and then stir it in, but it is still quite warm at that point. Thank you!

Liz, United States
29 Sep 2014

Ruth: I assume you are following the steps in this: Cinnamon and Honey Recipe. If you don’t like the residue, you can actually use a drainer to filter all that is on top and bottom of the drink. No hard and fast rule, it’s just a recommendation. As mentioned in the page, for some people who don’t mind taking the powder, they will not bother to filter off the residue. Warm or cold is fine, the only issue is with adding honey to very hot liquids and killing all the live enzymes.

I have been using cinnamon & honey for weight loss. It hasn’t been a fast process but it does work. I have lost 2 pants sizes in the last 6 months.

Cindy, United States
17 Sep 2014

I see someone is adding tumeric to their cinnamon and honey. Tumeric has to be cooked off to release the elements for good health. Also when cooking off garlic and also onions, they should be cut or crushed 10 minutes before cooking for maximum benefit.

Charlie, Australia
3 Sep 2014

I have taken a mixture of honey and cinnamon for 5 days now and I noticed an improvement in my skin.

David, Canada
31 August 2014

I have been taking honey and cinnamon with warm water for the past year and I am feeling great as I have not visited the doctor even once in 5 years as I believe in the natural remedy and benefits. But if u want to reduce weight then u also have to exercise along with it. I am 44 yrs old and am working towards a healthy life amidst my daily diet which u cannot avoid bcos u relish it. JUST BELEIVE IN IT and see the MAGIC of cinnamon and Honey.

Milind Bondre, India
13 August 2014

At last the wonder medicine is here.

Nakai, Australia
13 August 2014

Can Ceylon sticks be used instead of powder, or do you need the ‘bits’ that you end up drinking?

LeeAnn, United States
12 August 2014

Ruth: Whole Ceylon sticks are mostly used in coffee and other beverages for the additional aroma and flavor. But if you are making a honey cinnamon drink, the ground or powder form would be ideal as cinnamon can effectively steep in the hot water and most of its essence can go into the water. Most people would filter away residue because the drink is just a lot easier to go down without the spicy bits in the mouth. Refer to: Cinnamon and Honey Recipe.

Have been using honey and cinnamon for a while now and feel much better, I am 69 and have COPD.

Patricia, United Kingdom
6 August 2014

I’ve started trying it out.

Kapet, Kenya
5 August 2014

I have COPD and looking at different natural remedies.

Anthony, Australia
5 August 2014

Hi everybody, has someone tried cinnamon and honey to improve hearing? Thanks.

Kawtarr, Morocco
18 July 2014

I have a terrible bad reaction to my eyes since taking honey and cinnamon, I know that’s what it was, it’s starting to calm down now since I stopped it, very disappointed.

Maureen, Ireland
13 July 2014

Thank you for the health wisdom. I am so grateful there are ways to treat minor ailments. I am almost 50 and I take honey, cinnamon with organic apple cider everyday not and I can feel the healing on me. Bless all of you for sharing this wonderful alternatives to healthy living.

Marlene, The Philippines
8 July 2014

Could you please tell the exact amounts of honey and cinnamon. I need to make a drink to boost my immune system to fight off disease. Thank you.

Helena, Ireland
4 July 2014

honey dipper and liquid honey image

Ruth: Daily one to two pinches (or one quarter teaspoon) of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey (mixed or separate) with any food (eg toast, cereal) or beverage (eg tea or coffee) can help boost immune system.

I’ve been putting cinnamon on my porridge but after four days I feel like my bust is swelling – I’m thinking cinnammon is high in estrogen and being post menopause I think I won’t be able to take it. Has anyone found this. I’ve also had very sore eyes since I’ve been using it – again anyone else had this?

Janet, United Kingdom
30 June 2014

Ruth: Cinnamon rarely causes side-effects. In fact we haven’t come across the mentioned symptoms which sound much like allergic reactions.

I don’t make a cinnamon and manuka honey drink. Instead I just take a tea spoon of the honey and sprinkle some cinnamon on it, will it still work?

Sam Fringo, Ireland
8 June 2014

Ruth: There is no hard and fast rule. You can take honey and cinnamon direct or you can mix the two and make a drink. Also, any floral varietal or blend of varietals of honey is fine, it doesn’t have to be Manuka honey. If you are using cinnamon and honey for regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol or weight management, to facilitate and maximize absorption of the mixture, you may want to follow these preparation steps: Cinnamon and Honey Recipe.

It is a wealth of important information & knowledge.

Farid, Kuwait
21 May 2014

I like to know if cinnamon powder mixed with honey can improve hearing deficiency.

Amarnath, India
18 May 2014

Ruth: We have come across websites suggesting honey and cinnamon as a remedy for restoring hearing. But so far we have not received any reports from individuals who have benefited from this concoction.


Joan Lloyd, Canada
15 May 2014

Like to know anyone with diabetes on insulin tried ‘Honey and Cinnamon’ recipe.

Ram, India
3 May 2014

Does it have to be ceylon brand for cinnamon? its not available int he market, can we use the other brands?

Sandra, The Philippines
28 Apr 2014

Ruth: Ceylon cinnamon is not a brand but a type of cinnamon. The remedy doesn’t call for Ceylon cinnamon, but for long term consumption, it is a safer choice. For details, refer to: Ceylon cinnamon

Honey with cinnamon indeed on bread is a remedy from high blood pressure looking at my BP its now back to normal.

Patrick, Malawi
18 Apr 2014

Is it TRUE that Manuka honey and cinnamon can cure COPD?

Flora, India
7 Apr 2014

Ruth: The combination of honey and cinnamon or vinegar can be helpful in treating lungs/bronchitis related ailments such as asthma, copd and emphysema. You may want to read some testimonies in the following link. When you go to the page, just do a search by keying “Ctrl” and “F” on the keyboard.

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Ruth, Benefits of Honey
18 Apr 2014

I’ve just taken my first concoction of honey and cinnamon, however, I just learned that I am taking the wrong type of cinnamon. I need the Ceylon kind. I will continue with what I have until I receive the other. I am looking forward to hopefully, living a longer life with this concoction, as well as getting cholesterol down.

Tamara, United States
18 May 2013

I have had high blood-pressure for years and I will not take the medicine the doctors have you to take. I have been looking for something more natural to take. Honey and cinnamon I will give it a try. Wish me luck.

Valerie, United States
13 May 2013

I am concerned to read recent reports that cinnamon, 1 tsp a day is toxic, and could cause damage to the liver!

Peita, Spain
8 May 2013

Ruth: Indeed taking the common Cassia cinnamon on a regular basis can be a health concern. Consider switching to Ceylon cinnamon which doesn’t contain the same amount of coumarin in Cassia cinnamon.

Thank you for this wonderful site, just LOVE it.

Teresa, South Africa
21 Apr 2013

My Mom used honey and apple cider vinegar to cure almost everything – my Dad’s allergies, colds, sore throats, any time we didn’t feel good.

Sandra, United States
15 Apr 2013

Gonna start & try the weight loss tomorrow 4/14.

Gary, United States
13 Apr 2013

I am going to give thhe honey cinnamon drink a try. Hopefully it will work for arthitis pain.

Julian, Canada
11 Apr 2013

I like using herbs for treatment of diseases. Herbs have no side effects.

Ashok Goyal, India
11 Apr 2013

My son’s teacher just got diagnosed with stomach cancer about a month ago. Everyone was crying and was devastated. I came across an article about honey and cinnamon cure for cancer. I told her try this cure 1 tbsp. of honey with 1 tsp of cinnamon mix well and enjoy 3 times a day for a whole month. She was already tired of taking it but something inside told her keep taking it. This Friday she went for a follow-up and they told her there is no CANCER!!!!!!AMEN!!!!

When she told us we were surprised that this remedy really worked so I decided to share it to anyone out there… GOOD LUCK!!!!

Debbie, United States
25 Mar 2013

I highly recommend straining the cinnamon/water mixture through cheese cloth to rid it of the thick paste of cinnamon. I tried it first without straining it and absolutely could not stomach it! It is FAR more palatable strained.

Jessica, United States
14 Mar 2013

I have had stomach ulcers for 20 years. Since I have started eating one teaspoon of manuka honey and organic cinnamon a day nausea and pain is almost totally gone. AND I have stopped taking the doctor prescribed medication that I had taken for so long….which did not heal my stomach! I am absolutely thrilled to say the least!!!!

Bobbi, United States
13 Mar 2013

My husband had a very bad cough with a lot of mucus (he had a little fluid in his lungs). He drank honey with cinnamon in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. I’m happy to report, no more cough and feeling a lot better. It really works!

Ladys, United States
12 Mar 2013

I have a lot of illnesses, cancer, gouty arthritis, diabetes, diverticulitis. Does honey and cinnamon cure all of these?

Patrick, United States
24 Feb 2013

Ruth: While the honey and cinnamon mixture may be helpful in treating diabetes and arthritis, it is not a cure-all.

Must be CEYLON cinnamon. Mix with hot not boiling water, add Manuka Honey. Three times a day.

Marian, Ireland
21 Feb 2013

Am diabetic 2 – and I want to live a dignified life. That’s why I want to try honey and cinnamon. Thanks

Renato, Kenya
18 Feb 2013

I have the honey and cinnamon drink for reducing weight this morning. Please pray for me.

Lewis, United States
18 Feb 2013

Buckwheat honey is amazing. It helped with my cough and especially my asthma. I take 1 teaspoon about every 4 hrs. For cough or as needed. Miracles!

Ella, United States
6 Feb 2013

I started using raw honey and cinnamon about a year ago. Also totally changed my diet. Low salt intake, etc. I’ve been off Metfoman for my diabetes now for 6 months. My doctor told me yesterday I can stop checking my blood sugar. No more sticking my finger twice a day. I also stopped taking prilosec everyday for acid indigestion. Have been off that after about a month after starting the honey and cinnamon.

Douglas, United States
6 Feb 2013

I feel GREAT since taking the cinnamon/honey (4 weeks now). I dont know how much weight that Ive lost but I feel less bloated, lighter, sleep much better, digest food better and overall, have more energy. I will say tho, that the tea mixture was slimy/thick and I almost threw it up.. EWWW. THEN, I tried the paste mixture.. my gag reflex was up each time I took it… NOW… i mix the paste ( 1 tea.cinn + 1 tablesp honey ) with a couple pieces of ICE + splash water in the BLENDER and then just drink it down…. much much better….

Lyn, United States
28 Jan 2013

I’ve been taking “CEYLON” Cinnamon and “RAW” Manuka Honey daily for 2 1/2 weeks and I feel amazing! Less bloated, more energy more focused and I lost 4 lbs. I just have been drinking a tablespoon of Raw honey with a half teaspoon of the ceylon cinnamon and I also add a little cinnamon in my coffee, keeps me going all day and I feel great. Def. worth the try all!

NOTE: When you boil your water add the cinnamon and let sit til it cools down then add your raw honey or you will kill all the benefits it give you. Cheers!

Jenna, United States
28 Jan 2013

I have been taking the cinnamon/honey for 2 weeks and feel great !!! I couldn’t stomach the tea mixture so I just mix it together in a little dish and take it that way… still is kinda yucky/thick. I take only the honey before bed and have slept better than ever!! What a cheap and easy thing to do… hopefully I can lose the lbs. I’ve been trying to lose since I had my kids.

Jan, United States
21 Jan 2013

I’ve only been drinking the cinnamon and honey drink for a few days now, but after years of digestion problems, it’s already helping me feel a lot better.

Sam, United States
19 Jan 2013

I added some turmeric powder to my honey cinnamon mix due to it’s natural healing powers… gonna be trying it in my drinks also 🙂

Chuck, United States
17 Jan 2013

I was always bloated but since I started using mixture of cinnamon and honey the bloating is gone.

Mateboho, Lesotho
15 Jan 2013

I have lost weight. And no longer take meds for my breathing problems.

Pat, United States
11 Jan 2013

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