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#1 Natural Bronchitis Cure – Honey and Cider Vinegar

“We’ve got to trust someone-why not let it be the bee?”
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Did you know that bronchitis can be treated naturally with just two simple ingredients from your kitchen – honey and apple cider vinegar?

bronchitis cure with cider vinegar and honey

For me, honey and apple cider vinegar drink make a miracle drink. This write-up is long overdue. I had wanted to get it out but unfortunately other things had taken priority. Others had previously told me about how powerful this drink works as a bronchitis cure. Now I could personally vouch for it as it had helped me so much in recovering from a bout of severe bronchitis sometime back last year.

It is such a simple and effective remedy. I think it’s worth giving it a try if you have to continue to seek more and more over-the counter medications to treat symptoms of an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes, such as a persistent cough, phlegm, chest congestion, throat infection, and blocked sinuses.


1. Mix 3-4 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar with the “Mother” and a tablespoon of honey in a mug of hot water.

Note: Raw unfiltered cider vinegar contains enzymes and minerals that over-heated and over-processed vinegars do not have.

2. Sip it while it’s hot. This would help dissolve and break up the mucous and ease the cough. I love this drink as it soothes the air passage and brings relief to a congested chest almost instantly. 

3. Drink the concoction 2 times a day. Taking it before bedtime helps in getting a restful night. Try it!

Why it Works

apple cider vinegar and honey 2014 postings

This wonderful drink is a natural probiotic. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar naturally kills the germs that are causing the infection and balance the pH levels in the body to reduce inflammation.

Potassium in cider vinegar helps to thin the mucus. Honey acts as a natural demulcent to soothe the cough and its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling of the bronchial tubes.

The synergistic effect of the combination makes it an effective expectorant for loosening the mucus in the respiratory tract and expelling the phlegm.

Ruth Tan (Updated 2021)

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