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Many reports of honey and cinnamon cures have been streaming into this page since 2008. The benefits of this concoction are incredibly amazing.

Have you experienced any of these before? Or would you like to share with us your story about these cures?

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CHARLES, United States     29/07/2020 @21:54:04

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Tom, United States     24/10/2019 @12:14:27

Four things: First, I started the cinnamon and honey treatment 6 years ago and have never varied from the first formula I used which includes: half teaspoon ceylon cinnamon, pure, unfiltered non-pasteurized, raw honey, 7-8 oz of water never above 120 degrees.

Second, I have shared this recipe with several friends and have gotten mixed responses. Some people received the same results as me, but some people say they can see no benefit. After asking a few questions to the ones who saw no change, I discovered that they had varied somewhat from my recipe; the most common variable being adding the honey to boiling water. This kills most, if not all the enzymes; they might as well add sugar.

The second most common variable is the type of honey they use; most honey on the market has either been processed, strained, pasteurized and treated so it will not crystallize. I can’t say for sure if seeing no change is caused by the mentioned variables, but it sure seems likely.

Third, What are my results? The cinnamon/honey concoction taken twice a day, took about 6 weeks before I really started seeing serious changes, however, when I started feeling these changes within a few days it was almost a complete cure!

Before the cinnamon and honey I had arthritis really bad and was in constant pain. I was taking massive doses of glucosamine, wore a copper bracelet on one wrist and a magnet bracelet on the other and was getting some relief from this procedure. However, I was still in pain and my fingers were becoming deformed! After 6 weeks of cinnamon and honey, I took the bracelets off, quit taking glucosamine, and have never used them since. My pain is gone.

After the first year I only took the cinnamon/honey once a day and if on a trip or something I’ve even missed several days. There was no change, there was no immediate pain. Just like it took six weeks to start working, it takes several days to quit working.        

Paul, United Kingdom     27/06/2019 @07:50:15

Just starting to alleviate arthritis in hand joints.        Lucky, South Africa     20/06/2019 @08:30:05

I would love to know more of these remedies.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     16/03/2019 @12:05:11

Tshepho, you may want to check out this page for more cinammon and honey benefits and the recipe:
5 Most Sought-After Remedies of Cinnamon and Honey (Recipe Included)        

TSHEPHO BELEBESE, Botswana     15/03/2019 @09:53:50

I want to know the health benefits of cinnamon and honey and how to use the combination.        

Julia, Zimbabwe     15/12/2018 @12:48:26

l have used it, it’s good.        

David, Australia     18/08/2018 @21:04:30

I’m interested will it and how will it help my bloating? Will start and see for now ty.        

Kathleen A Burns, United States     25/06/2018 @20:59:19

This has helped me lose weight and my cholesterol is wonderful. Also helps me sleep well & deeply.        

Kate, South Africa     22/06/2018 @15:03:47

Cinnamon n honey number 1.        

Marc, United States     18/05/2018 @12:29:09

First apologies for not knowing the source but I was told the arthritis remedy was better reached when taking 1 TBS, roughly equal parts mixed thoroughly, cinnamon and raw honey 3 times daily. This allows for a much larger quantity of cinnamon to be ingested. Having accidentally put a table spoon of the stuff in my tea before I quickly found myself coughing uncontrollably, don’t laugh, I actually did that thoughtlessly after putting honey in my tea for years.

I mention this as this seems unlisted as a delivery method above. I hope my experience helps further the case for natural remedy! Also, I LOVE your site. Thank you for taking the time to create it. It is nice to see that there are genuine honest people still at work in the world.

Cheers to your health,

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     11/04/2018 @12:12:23

Chy, we have not come across any reports on cinnamon for fertility. But these articles on royal jelly and mead may be useful to you:
9 Amazing Healing Benefits of Royal Jelly
Ancient Mead Makes a Comeback
Honey is an Aphrodisiac        

Chy, Nigeria     11/04/2018 @07:51:34

Can cinnamon do any work in fertility.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     10/03/2018 @11:10:13

Zee, You may want to read more about how cinnamon can help arthritis in: Relieving Arthritis Pain.        

Zee, South Africa     10/03/2018 @05:30:12

I have problem of arthritis and knee problems, I would ask to know how cinnamon can help me.        

Tich, Zimbabwe     02/03/2018 @23:22:59

Makes me energetic.        

Htoo, Myanmar     30/12/2017 @07:51:40

I really want weight loss, so I’ve to try these recipes, also about my pimples and acne, I wish it really does work. Thanks for the recipes.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     11/10/2017 @12:26:24

Scot, a glass of warm water mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey and half teaspoon of cinnamon.

If you are not taking cinnamon regularly, the regular cinnamon from the grocery shop will do fine. But if the consumption is regularly, use Ceylon cinnamon, you can try getting Ceylon cinnamon from online websites such as Amazon or iHerb.        

Scot, United Kingdom     09/10/2017 @08:35:07

What are the spoon size for honey and cinnamon for sleep, also what is the correct type of cinnamon? Thank you.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     31/08/2017 @11:02:34

Bharti, cinnamon may not be suitable for you because it could further lower your blood pressure.        

Bharti, India     30/08/2017 @09:26:13

Hi, I am looking for weight lose of 10 kgs but I have low blood pressure problem and piles so just wanted to know if use of cinnamon and honey along with hot water and empty stomach will not make it worse and will help to achieve my desired goal of weight. Please advise truly. Thanks.        

Wamorena Laone Rannyena, Botswana     20/08/2017 @07:14:25

It works in amazing way.        

Seipati, Lesotho     06/08/2017 @16:16:20

I had left side chest pains, I started using cinnamon and honey, the pain is now so scarce.        

Carmen, United States     26/07/2017 @07:55:25

I want to try the remedy for arthritis. Every other day help with my inflammations.        

Rae, United States     26/05/2017 @09:39:13

I was diagnosed with Meineres Disease and I have allergies; the two do not mix well at all. After taking a tablespoon of honey from my local area (from the local bees), I am no longer dizzy or vomitting.        

Nat Honger, Ghana     22/05/2017 @14:05:53

It’s all true.        

Mohamed Abdulmajid, Tanzania     14/05/2017 @15:56:56

The above information concerning the advantages of cinnamon and homey was very helpful.        

Deborah Noriega Moore, United States     11/05/2017 @05:35:34

I will begin using cinnamon and raw honey today and will record and document results in 2 weeks.        

CHiOMA, Italy     23/04/2017 @12:18:22

I am yet to try it, but I heard that cinnamon and honey is great in healing ovarian cyst. I need to try it and see if it will work for me.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     23/03/2017 @12:21:15

Sorry, Vasudev, we haven’t come across any reports on cinnamon and honey as a cure for this form of arthritis.        

Vasudev, India     23/03/2017 @10:12:06

I want to know if Cinnamon Honey mix in warm water taken on empty stomach is a cure for inflammation in Ankylosing Spondylitis condition.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     22/03/2017 @18:13:28

Hannah, you can find the comparison of the regular cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon in this page: Ceylon Cinnamon Versus Cassia Cinnamon.        

Hannah, Nigeria     22/03/2017 @15:47:12

Just want to start, but would like to know about the difference of the real and fake cinnamon sticks.        

Juan, United States     06/03/2017 @21:30:32

I want to loose 65 pounds and get better of arthritis.        

Jeannette, United States     05/03/2017 @00:51:45

I’ve been drinking peppermint tea with honey and cinnamon as part of my daily regimen for my bladder, and O think it’s helping me feel better.        

Moses, Malawi     25/02/2017 @09:26:41

I like the combination and I noticed a big change in my body, I feel light myself.        

Pam, United States     21/02/2017 @16:01:38

Honey and cinnamon helped my wheezing cough.       

 Christopher, Kenya     04/02/2017 @04:23:30

Honey and cinnamon is very good to cure many sicknesses.        

Monica Gamez, United States     28/01/2017 @20:04:38

I was diagnosed in April 15, 2010 with MS. I had chronic massive headaches but I started taking a teaspoon of honey with cinnamon, my headaches drastically decrease!! I used to have to take Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen for my headaches, but now I don’t get headaches. Rarely. But I’m doing a whole better!! I do believe the honey & cinnamon made a difference for me!!        

Garry, Zimbabwe     18/01/2017 @09:18:52

I take honey, cinnamon, and ginger garlic every day, would you say this is good, can’t remember been ill. Regards, Garry.       

 Cytone Siweya, South Africa     15/01/2017 @15:04:25

Good diet.

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