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1 Truth Athletes Must Know About Energy Food

Fuelling Muscles

Every athlete knows the primary energy food for exercise is glucose and that a quality diet is essential for their sustenance of strength, endurance and performance, and how critical it is to fuel their muscles before and after exercise. However, not all athletes seem to understand one truth - the relevance of liver glycogen store during exercise.

Ensuring Adequate Glycogen Stores

The Honey Revolution Book by Dr Ron Fessenden revealed that the most significant energy storehouse for exercise and recovery is the liver glycogen store.

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Once exercise is initiated, the liver starts to draw upon its glycogen stores. The more intensive the exercise, the more glucose burned relative to fat. Maintaining an adequate liver glycogen store allows a healthy oxidation of glucose and increased energy output, whereas depletion of the glycogen stores leads to the release of adrenal stress hormones, mobilization of extra fat, and the degradation of muscle proteins. Universally, many athletes suffer from poor performance and in the long term compromise health as a result of over production of adrenal hormones from poor fuelling of the liver. Anabolic honey which contains two simple sugars - glucose and fructose has been identified as the best fuel for the liver during exercise as well as physiological recovery mode.

Upon rising in the morning and before embarking on a workout session, seriously consider the relevance of liver care during exercise. Eat honey as an energy food and ensure an optimal fuelling of the liver.

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For more information on the fuelling of the liver with honey during exercise and recovery metabolism and how it is differentiated from other sweeteners, read the Honey Revolutionary Book. Click into the image to find out more.

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