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16 Honey Products for All Occasions

A symbol of all sweetness, blissfulness, and goodness, honey products make especially good gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentines' Day, Mother's Day. And because, it is such a healthy natural sweetener, honey is always appropriate for grandparents, mum-to-be's, and growing up kids. Pick a jar of your favourite honey variety from the shops and and wrap it in any style desired for the occasion. Honey presents will never fail to delight!

Other than the wide range of pure honey varieties for consumption, there are an endless list of health products that make use of honey as an ingredient due to its unique properties. It is just amazing!

What I can name now are:

1. Lip balm

2. Facial scrub

3. Facial cleanser

4. Skin moisturiser

5. Baby skin care cream

6 Sore throat syrup

7. Hair shine spray

8. Body bath

9. Anti-wrinkle cream

10. Hand soap bar

11. Essential oil

12. Acne treatment cream

13. Skin toner

14. Body fragrance

15. Anti-stretch mark cream

16. Facial masks

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