A 1-Minute Honey Survey (Beliefs and Attitudes)

Have a go at this super quick 1-Minute Honey Survey (a total of 10 easy questions on beliefs and attitudes related to honey) and see the findings immediately.

NOTE: I thought from this survey, it'll be quite interesting for us to know a bit more about people's perception and attitudes towards honey, and if others also think the same as us. Please understand that this is not a commercial, market survey, it's an interesting-to-know survey specially meant for visitors to this honey website. The more people support and participate in this, the more credible the results! Thank you!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I love it, I think it’s a superfood!
I like it, but have no special feelings about it, it’s just honey.
I don’t fancy it at all!
Direct, straight from the spoon.
When it’s added to foods and beverages.
I don’t take honey at all.
21 calories
52 calories
76 calories
91 calories
I am brand-conscious and I believe in only certain brands.
All brands are very much the same to me.
Yes, always or most of the time.
No, all floral varieties are fine with me.
I am not aware of the different floral varieties.
I don’t go for honey at all.
Light-color honey
Dark-color honey
No particular preference
Yes, always
No, never
Sometimes, depends.
I never buy honey
North America
South America

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Note: Upon submission, please wait for 2-3 seconds for the page to compile and show you the results. Thanks!

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