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How to Measure Honey Accurately

Do you know how to measure honey accurately for baking or cooking without the unwanted sticky mess?

If you have baked or cooked something with a relatively big quantity of honey before (more than a teaspoon or tablespoon), you probably have encountered this question. Following is a method to do it neatly. Try it!

1. Using a measuring cup, smear or brush the inside walls of the cup with cooking/baking oil all around thinly and evenly. (Note: There are also now convenient baking oil spray canisters available in the supermarkets.)

measure honey image

2. Pour the amount of honey required into the measuring cup.

3. The thin layer of oil prevents the honey from sticking onto the cup. You can now easily pour out the honey from the measuring cup without having any stuck to the cup or having the need to scrap out the remaining from the cup so as to accurately obtain the amount of honey as instructed in the recipe.

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