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How Our E-Store, Bee Healthy Was Started
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Our story: How did it all begin was incepted in 2006 for the love of honey. It was a pure info-website which was used to record my honey trials and experiments with the different monofloral honey varietals. Selling honey was never part of the picture. The revelation that the sweetener was much more complex and chic than it seemed and could be described far beyond the word "sweet" piqued my curiosity and spurred me on a journey to search for honey from as many different sources as possible. At any one time, I could have more than 10 different jars of honey opened in my kitchen (even until today I still have the same kid-like fascination with honey). The diverse tastes of the golden liquid and their benefits in baking and food preparation awed me. But still, the thought of starting a honey-related business never once crept into my head.

Nevertheless, along with this honey quest quickly turned up discoveries after discoveries about the endless health benefits of honey. The growing conviction that honey isn't just a sugar stoked my interest in this mysterious food. I was wowed to write even more about it. Our web resource expanded in great measure and its visitors multiplied rapidly. Honey diet for hibernation, enhanced liver health and metabolism system also sent waves of excitement across the web. Today Benefits of Honey is the number one ranked site for many honey related keywords in many search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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In 2010, after years of buying honey in huge bottles (3-6kg each) locally from the shops and in big quantities from overseas whenever I travel, I finally decided to import honey from Australia, a great producer of honey, for my own consumption. At the same time I reckon that honey buffs residing in Singapore would also be keen to have part of the honey I bring in, as for the longest time, too many visitors of Benefits of Honey have been earnestly enquiring through our website about buying honey in Singapore. And yes, that year, Bee Healthy was registered and set-up for our online shoppers, and since then, it has grown and drawn more and more people in to experience the convenience of purchasing quality honey online, and in fact, because of our very enticing prices, so many who have been inspired by the head-to-toe applications of honey and have wanted to eat honey daily can now give it a raring go.

Bee Healthy is not just a marketing company that tries to sell some honey products. We are not advocating honey indulgence or eating honey in huge quantity, but would like to champion in turning people around to see that not all sugars are equal, and benefit from honey as a healthier form of sugar and as a more superior form of alternative medicine. Every product placed in the store has been specially handpicked and well considered in various aspects including source, quality, price and taste. So, if you have no idea what honey to start with and need a personal recommendation to suit your palate preference or to pair with certain food, just drop us a note in the form below, we would be more than happy to help.

My warmest regards to each and every honey lover,


Founder, Benefits of Honey (Since 2006)

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