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A Vast Resource on Honey Health Benefits
This immensely rich and comphrehensive honey web resource currently has over 380 pages (links to these pages can be found in the pages listed on the menu bar, otherwise, you could also make use of the above easy Custom Search). This website sets out to share with all the honey buffs in this world how exciting discovering the uses and benefits of honey can be. (It has become a "Honey Health Benefits Wikipedia"!) And since early 2007, it has grown into a phletora of other health and nutrition contents, bringing you news on some of the hottest health-buzzwords like cortisol, natural skin care, lymphatic systems, organic food, antioxidant, and detox - all of which you can find in our Health & Nutrition Resources Index .

There you also can find links to some very layman, easy to understand explanations on honey bee products such as propolis, royal jelly, beewax, and bee pollen, and some of the most common health problems such as bad breath, athlete foot, hair loss, sleep disorder, arthritis, acne, and yeast infection - all of which honey has traditionally been used as a natural cure or alternative medicine. For the latest additions and new pages in this website, you can track and find them in the Honey Blog.

Discover Your Favorite Floral Varietals
honeycomb imageOne of the greatest pleasure and fascination in using honey is understanding the different floral varieties of honey, their appearance and quality, and experimenting with each of their unique taste and distinct flavor, and being able to know which floral variety of honey is most perfect for which kind of foods. The uses and benefits of honey in foods are as diverse as its floral varieties and places of origin. It is almost like acquiring wine knowledge through wine-tasting and getting information on the origin, quality and worth of the different wines. Very intriguing, satisfying, and even infectious! honey good as gold imageYou will realize with its bewildering number of varieties, this natural sweetener is comparable to tea, coffee, wine in its complexity, and agree that it surely doesn't deserve to be labelled as a mundane or humdrum commodity which has a homogeneous taste and flavour, like water, salt, and sugar. Besides all the pages on benefits of honey, perhaps one of the most well-received topics in this web resource is related to those exotic, tantalizing recipes which I have specially created and developed using honey. I think this is what makes the honey recipes here different from the massive number of honey recipes available out there.....exotic!

Begin Your Honey Health Benefits Trail Here
Come in and be awed by the goodness of honey, get some quick easy honey facts and interesting honey bees information, be introduced to some common bee products and their benefits and uses, scrutinize together the nutrition and properties of honey and its health benefits.

Well, I cannot offer you medical advice on honey like a medical doctor or promote honey as a substitute for professional medical care, and I don't aim to, but as a honey enthusiast, I am eager to give you all the reasons in the most laymen, simplest language that is easy for everybody to grasp and appreciate - why honey is more than a sweetener; why it is such a superfood, why we should feel indebted to the tireless creatures which have to visit two million flowers just to provide us with one pound of honey, why everyone should always keep a jar of honey at home, and even why one should consider using it during a fast.

Liquid Good as Gold!
benefits of honey image I sincerely hope that what the community here shares will dramatically change the way people talk about honey health benefits and experience honey, turning consumption into a special ceremony, and with its own special tastes and health benefits, honey will find a new star status as a chic and awe-inspiring golden liquid.

Eating for health has never been sweeter.

By Ruth Tan
Author and Founder

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