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So about me. Honey crusader, great advocate of honey, honey revolutionary, honey expert, honey fanatic, accidental honey believer are some of the names that have been given to me. Any name is fine but I would usually describe myself as Ruth, a honey enthusiast and the founder and author of this website Benefits of Honey.

The primary purpose for this platform is to share my own personal experience and knowledge about honey, and deliver to as many as I can reach on the web precious truths that would benefit their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I tend to be quick to inform that I am not a medical doctor whenever people challenge me about the medicinal effects of honey.

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Frankly, though the beneficial effects of honey and bee products are often being extolled, scientific knowledge related to them is slowly being built up, too many ill-formed medical doctors still tend to frown whenever their patients suggest utilizing honey as a home remedy. Worse, when they preach that honey is just another sugar. I am totally convinced that honey is an intelligent sugar, superb in nutritional value, and a real wonder from nature. For centuries, generations after generations from diverse cultures have used it as a folk remedy for many illnesses and found it to be an effective health and energy booster.

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Actually the fact about me is, I am not a beekeeper or an expert in beekeeping; and never have I thought about myself as a honey connoisseur or an authority in honey. I just love to write and exchange with others about my encounters with honey as a layman and a honey consumer, in hope that a lot more people, especially in this part of the world where I live – Asia will come to know and begin to marvel at what this golden natural sweetener can do, savor each nuance and flavor of honey as one would do to search the rare and sublime personalities of wines to satisfy the palate, and agree with me that the journey of exploring and discovering the versatility of honey in health, beauty , cooking and baking is not just rewarding, but can be very addictive and inspiring.

And how do I acquire my "honey know-how"? Passionate about honey and its benefits, I am constantly scouting and sniffing for reports and claims about honey and its benefits, exploring and tasting new honey floral varieties that are available and accessible to me. My frequent exchanges with beekeepers, honey and bee lovers who are willing to share about their experience and thoughts about honey and honeybee products have also been most pleasurable and productive in my learning journey. Privately, more about me, born and bred in Singapore, a tiny prosperous and peaceful island country in Southeast Asia (in case you think it's a place in China), I write and speak English and Chinese.

Dedicated to all honey fans and lovers in this world, Benefits of Honey strives to become the exceptional, quality honey, health and nutrition resource in the World Wide Web by continually and actively generating valuable insights related to honey.

Eating for health has never been sweeter.

Ruth Tan
Author and Founder

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