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This is as simple as I can make it. Honey changed my life! I was craving it. I had never bought it and had never really eaten it. I wanted a natural sugar for an energy boost. So I bought a jar and take a teaspoon a day. It gives me the boost I was looking for and I feel healthier. I won't stop having it.

Robert, United States
13 Nov 2014

Thank you for the wonderful information.

Michael, United States
13 Nov 2014

In 2006 diagnosed with stage three B lung cancer in March. By November 2006 gone. In 2010 April, stage four brain cancer four tumors, had gamma knife surgery, two shrank, two stablized. I swear taking two to three teaspoons of pure honey daily has helped dramatically in my health. I'm not saying this is a cure all but in 2006 I had 6 mths to live. I had operation in the brain on July 2012 and was told go home and die. Guess what it's almost November 2014, still here!

John, United States
30 Oct 2014

Over forty years ago, I had read a book about Edgar Cayce and he recommended eating 2-3 raw almonds/day would prevent any tendency toward cancer. I believed that these almonds had to be organic, with no pasteurization or other processing. About a year later,I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my right arm,and it was rapidly growing and they suspected it was cancerous. They wanted to excise this melanoma and follow up with radiation. I refused this,and thought I would try the almonds instead. I ate 3 raw almonds/day for one month and the melanoma disappeared. To be sure, I stopped eating the almonds and the melanoma reappeared. I again restarted eating the almonds, and kept eating them for one month after the melanoma had again disappeared. It vanished and has never reappeared. That was over forty years ago. It someone wants to start eating these to primarily prevent cancer, they will have to get the almonds from another country,since the present law, instituted in the late 80s requires that almonds be pasteurized if grown in this country. You can locate a company for this on the internet.

Fred J. Gault,Jr., United States
27 July 2014

I do not think that any doubt still exists about the effectiveness of pure honey in fighting infections and some afflictions. Honey definitely fights cancer and enhances imumunity.

Oyeniyi, Nigeria
29 June 2014

I am in my early 40s. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with fibriod and twins lump which was said to be none cancerous. The doc said the only option is surgery.

Matti Raimot, Nigeria
9 June 2014

At this time I am under going radiation & cemo therapy. As soon as treatment is completed I had already planned to place several beehives on my property.

Bill, United States
21 May 2014

I am 73 yrs old white male. Was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2004, Medastatic Melanoma in 2005, prostate cancer in 2007 and Meningioma in 2008. Strongly believe poor diet and too much sun,marital stress (divorce) and undiagnosed hyperthyroid played a large part in facilitating my Hodgkins Lymphoma and Melanoma cancers. I am currently cancer free. Much credit is given to my low stress life style, diet which includes supplements. Fish oil, CoQ10, vitamins including D3, 2 tblspoons of Olive Oil daily, Ginger dressing salad (Makoto) daily, 2 tblspoons pure honey daily. Fitness includes 1 hour treadmil 3 times a week. Weekly meals consists of Chicken, pasta, broccoli, raisins, wheat bread, peanuts, vitamin water. May you have good health in the years ahead!

John, United States
21 May 2014

Ruth: Thank you, John for the many healthy living and eating tips!

Had a kidney removed for cancer in 1979. Back to work 3 wks to the day after. Dr said I have COPD in 1992. I was a heavy smoker so quit. I did not give in to anything. Retired in June 2009 from BMT aerospace, got bored went to work at Walmart in 2010 to present stock in grocery. I am active and full of life. With COPD I can do anything, might take a little longer but I will get it done. Never eat a lot of sugar and watch my weight. I like honey and lemon juice in hot water at night. Add large spoons of lemon juice and 3 spoons of honey.

Charles, United States
10 June 2013

I am going to keep myself healthy after a lumpectomy/radiation through diet and exercise. I am deleting sugar from my diet and replacing with Stevia and honey.

Sue, United States
16 Apr 2013

Thank you, another important aspect of honey benefitting health is the fact that when diluted quality raw honey can be tested for hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The better the quality the higher the H2O2 results. This is the main action involved in wound care as the sepsis seepage releasing small amounts of H2O2, soothing a sore throat or settling an upset tummy with the anti-bacterial action of H2O2 which combined with the other healthful elements becomes a healing superstar.

Jens, Canada
28 Feb 2013

4 month ago I had a surgery due to 3A gastroesophageal cancer. Now am going through 8.5 month herbal treatment supervised by a doctor whose ancestors dedicated their lives to the healing power of herbs. Now am searching suggestions on diet and the healing power of api products, like honey, propolis, pollen. My friend who is a beekeeper told me that honey could work as a nutritious food - this is when you add it to mild, bakery, yogurt, tea... instead of sugar. But it could work also as a natural "drug". This is when you take only a teaspoon of a good true honey before sleep so it works overnight. In this case the last "easy" food should be taken 2-3 hours before sleep. Honey, he said, is absorbed completely by the digestive system and all its components work, some of them reaching through the cell membranes. Much honey sold in the markets, unfortunately, like many diary products, is not "true" honey. To all who are cancer survivors - change your eating habits to nutritious food only, change your physical habits to oxygen-enriching actively-breathing activity, change your mental habits to positive-loving thinking only and start living a creative-truthfighting-loving purposeful life however remaining it is.

Svetoslav, Ukraine
14 Feb 2013

My wife and I found a way to reverse disease. She had stage 2B lobular breast cancer and I had full blown type 2 diabetes. How did we do it? We stopped eating the standard America diet. You know the diet that most Americans eat today. So we made a web site and posted our before and after pictures along with each of our stories. If you know anyone who has heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you should have them check it out. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then our pictures our worth ten thousand. Web site:

Danny Arbuckle, United States
8 Feb 2013

Thanks for the info on honey. It would be a good idea to replace white sugar completely with honey in everything from tea to cereals ! Cancer cells require more sugar to grow than normal cells, but honey isn't as bad as refined white sugar. The major cause of cancer today is the refined western diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugars (white bread, white rice, etc). This leads to a lack of magnesium, fibre, and other vitamins in general and increases acidity in the body causeing existing oxygen to be trapped into unusable forms. By eating a less refined, organic diet higher is fish and whole grains we can avoid this, but when that is not always possible and in cases where cancer starts developing you should also ingest sodium bicarbonate daily to return the blood to a more alkaline environment which allows for the realise of previously unusable oxygen in the blood to become freely available again. See Ps. Because cattle are now grain fed and not grass fed (free range) we don't get any omega 3 oils from meat anymore and should take daily fish oil capsules to remedy this. There are special mushrooms that are highly anti-cancerous as well, see -

Interesting that honey helps a sore throat. I'm not surprised "soda" gives you a sore throat. It's full of carbonic acid and tons of refined sugar and colourants !!! Poison in a glass ! Rather try switch fruit juice, or even better fresh fruits and lots of water. If you have to have a sugary drink, juice the fruits yourself daily, That is better than the store bought onces that are too sweet and made from a concentrate.

Chris, South Africa
21 Jan 2013

Whenever I take sodas I suffer from sore throat and I take honey and feel relieved.

Christine, Malawi
30 Dec 2012

A little of the topic but just felt like sharing the fact that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. A lot of people's diet today consists largely of acidic foods. I urge anybody suffering from disease or poor health to research how the "pH" lvl of your blood is monitored by your body, and the steps it takes to preserve it. Hopefully you will find some info on how the foods we eat, and their pH values, have a direct effect on how efficiently our bodies can not only heal itself and fight disease but potential ability to make our bodies an environment uninhabitable for cancer to survive in.

Just a Human, United States
13 Oct 2012

Honey is good for Cancer Patients.

Sadia, United Arab Emirates
30 Oct 2012

For cancer treatment we are using stingless bee honey. It is highly effective.

Thomas, India
25 Oct 2012

Ruth: Thanks Thomas, I've been told about the exceptional antimicrobial strength of stingless bee honey. It's exciting to knnow this honey is being discovered and valued by more and more people of various cultures. My personal encounter with the stingless bees in: Stingless Bees are an Eye Opener.

Hi, great website - an invaluable source of information and tips, thanks for putting all the hard work in =0)

Graham, United Kingdom
25 Oct 2012

Good news for cancer sufferer.

Shakir Taha, Malaysia
23 Oct 2012

My grandpa has 4th stage bed sore, I regularly use honey pack to it and alas after 2 months, his sores gone as new tissues regrow on his wound...

Angelo Matias, The Philippines
11 Oct 2012

Struggle with joint pain and thyroid.

Joan Mathurin, Saint Lucia
7 Aug 2012

I am currently dealing with a cancer scare. I am 23 years old and noticed a slight swelling in my right cervical lymph node a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea if I actually have a lymphoma or not, but it has opened my eyes to prevention. I am grateful. It's true we have become lovers of pleasure instead of lovers of what is right. I'm ready to make the change. I hope other people start making the change's the only way to change the world.

Christina, Unted States
22 Jun 2012

I had lumps on bot breast and I have done a surgery on the right breast its not cancerious though. I don't want to do a surgery again on the other breast. Believing God on a miracle and also need a good diet to help me. I am always heal and tired and weak. Thanks for this privilege.

Onome Edighoghor, Nigeria
7 Jun 2012

Not to mention the benefits of eating honey to alleviate hayfever symptoms. I started eating honey and putting honey in warm drinks some time ago and after a couple of weeks my allergy problems have decreased to almost nil.

Kat, United Kingdom
24 May 2012

All....let me share something with all...its well tried. Every day, after waking up, start with drinking water (not cold) as much as u can. After, take a spoon of Honey, lemon juice, and olive oil. You r done...all what you want for the day.

Read, Canada
13 May 2012

Honey it's great thing in life.

Adamu Yerima, Nigeria
17 Apr 2012

I always thank God for how I got to know the health tip, because it has help me a lot. My eating habit has changed. I therefore recommend that people should search the health tips to change their life style.

Emmanuel, Ghana
13 Apr 2012

I strongly believe Margaret, that most doctors do not have a clue about good nutrition as many of them are struggling with health issues. They only know how to prescribe "poison", which create more sickness.

Jennifer, Jamaica
29 Mar 2012

Replace sugar or any artificial sweetener with one or two teaspoons of honey in your morning coffee. It is better for you and a great energy booster. Try it!!!

Greg, United States
28 Mar 2012

Honey is the best medicine for all disease. Al Quiron.

Kader Hussain, India
27 Mar 2012

These health tips have really assisted me to live good and sound health. Thanks for the tip.

Julius Olubunmi, Nigeria
28 Feb 2012

I think our doctors need to be more frank although they make their living when peolpe get sick. Helping people to engage in healthful eatring is a better vocation.

Margaret, Jamaica
24 Jan 2012

I want to know about anti-cancer foods.

Senthil Kumar, India
15 Dec 2011

I have a cystic mass on my breast since i was 20 years old..I didn't take over the counter medicine..i just change my lifestyle of eating such as eating natural and healthy foods like fruits and veggies..Now I don't think so if its totally gone. But 1 thing I'm grateful for I have a good feeling and I gain a healthy skin.

Luting F., North Korea
15 Nov 2011

Have replaced sugar with honey, and my heartburn has deminished 80%. Also ingest and bathe with h202 (food grade) and am never sick.

Pedro, Canada
6 Nov 2011

Need more of honey because is good for my health.

Felix, Ghana
4 Oct 2011

My brother is 35 years old, he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and now it had spread to his bones. He his in the fourth stage of his cancer witch is the final stage. My neighbor is from Peru and she told me a story about a person that had the same health problem and he was also given 6 months of life. She told me about a recipe consisting of honey, aloe Vera and cognac that this person was taking. She said that it has been a 1 and three months after this man was diagnosed with cancer and he eats, dance and has a job. She never said that he is cancer free but definitely it has help him so much. As of today I'm looking forward on trying this with my brother ans see if the miracle happens.

Rosa, United States
19 Jun 2011

I was hoping to see honey as anti-cancerous. Great article. Yes, prevention is 100% preferable. Here in Portland, OR I deliver to cancer patients kangen water and nutritional help. We're getting great results. I have a health blog at would love to hear any of your stories on cancer there. Blessings

Scott Coombe, United States
18 Jun 2011

Various mushrooms are used against cancer in many different cultures:

The Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes versicolor), aka Yun Zhi, Kawaratake, Coriolus versicolor Chaga mushroom, used in Russia against cancer.

Also for information on various cancer-fighting mushrooms.

Gary, United States
31 May 2011

I am researching on any food that can help in curing cancer. Though honey cannot cure but it can help to strengthen immune system which my mother needs. She is in a 3rd stage of malignant carcinoma and i am looking for home remedy that can help. Thank you for your ads.

Joan, The Philippines
21 Apr 2011

Mix 1 table spoon of honey in luke warm milk and drink it in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to sleep . It is excellent for sexual power and digestive system - (IA). To observe evident results it is a 40 days course . You can make it a routine but with one day gap after every 7th day . For quick and best results avoid tobbacco and alcohol.

Baba Sahab-mabz Khi, Pakistan
4 Feb 2011

I love honey and also honey bee. I think honey works very powerfully.

R.Raji, India
22 Dec 2010

Honey is an excellent food. It is an energy food in my knowledge.

Jaikaran Singh, India
16 Dec 2010

I eat honey everyday. Local honey from my area. I have vocal cord cancer and I think it is helping me enormously with my eating and throat pain. I LOVE honey.

Charlene, United States
1 Nov 2010

Hi I am a strong supporter of honey. I take honey with cinnamon alternating with apple cider every morning. Sometimes I take it with a spoonful of lemon juice or milk in the night just before I go to sleep.This ritual has help me in having a good night sleep and also I feel very enegetic and up and about feeling in the morning.

Zynal, Singapore
14 Apr 2010

Another wonderfulbee product is honey bee polen. It is delicious in your salads.

Isabel, United States
14 Apr 2010


Saji Joseph, India
14 Apr 2010

I M WOrking as NTFP Development Officer in Non Timber Forests Deptt.since 2004.i m working on apiculture and have trained more then 2000 farmers in this art .i also work on honey as remedy for health.During a traing programme a farmer has announced in the training that he has eye cancer and the doctors told him that it is not curable,according to him that he has used honey and his eye cured completly from all of u use honey because honey is the remedy off all ailment except death.

Dr.Wali Khan, Pakistan
14 Apr 2010

I was a fat child, I turned to food for comfort. We had some major dysfunctions in our family. So this has been a battle for me up through my teen years. Through the years one of the things that I have fought to change is how I see food. I now see it as fuel for my body. I 99% of the time eat for fuel and not taste. However I still do enjoy some things. Food does not have the power over me as it used to. I also exercise daily and that helps as well. I realized I had a choice on how I was going to live. Choice has become one of my favorite words. I love to encourage others to realized they too can overcome bad habits even when there are emotional issues underneath. There is help and support if you want it! Thans for this site and all you do to inform us. Sincerely, Michelle p.s I have a friend who is a local bee keeper and am excited to send this site to her.

Michelle, United States
14 Apr 2010

Ruth: Choices, indeed. We often complain about our struggles to balance desires and life demands of all sorts (tasty foods vs healthy foods, family vs career, etc.) but in reality it's hard and sometimes impossible to strike a balance. At the end of the day, it's all about making conscious, good choices and even making necessary sacrifices.

Hello, I really love using natural products for health troubles, but something has been puzzling me for years. Each time I taste even a drop of honey, it's like am going mad, wintin minutes I develop severe upper abdominal pains. What could possibly be happening to me?

Mercy, Cameroon
14 Apr 2010

Ruth: I've been told of symptoms like yours and would like to refer you to this page on honey allergies:

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