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Honey Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe

If you have never visited Singapore, try this Honey Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe. It makes one of those tasty treats which I find so hard to resist and stop eating once I start – delicious Bak Kwa -- an all time premium gift (cost about 40 Sing Dollars per kg) that any Chinese Singaporean would always welcome during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Also many kids'favourite because it's so fragrant, sweet, and chewy! This special food is also being discussed in Wikipedia. Click to read more.

I have specially picked the rose floral variety of honey for this BBQ pork as I find it goes perfect with its overall barbequed pork fragrance.


• 1 kilogram lean pork
• Seasoning: 2 clove Garlic – blended/ground, 1/2 tsp.five spice powder, 1 1/2 sauce, 1/2 tsp.pepper, 1 tsp.salt
• 1 tblsp margarine
• 4-5 tblsp rose honey

honey chinese bbq pork recipe image


1. Slice pork thinly and knock each slices to tenderise it.
2. Add seasoning, place pork slices ina container, and leave it in the fridge for at least 5 hours to marinade.
3. Arrange thin pieces of pork onto a flat plate to dry.
4. When dry, cut pork slices into squares of about 10 cm.
5. Barbecue the square pork slices with burning charcoal until both sides are golden in colour.
6. Glaze the slices with honey from time to time.
7. Cooled barbecued slices can be stored in the refrigerator freezer for a few weeks.

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