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Perfect Honey Pizza Recipe

Sharing with you my Perfect Honey Pizza Recipe! I specially thought of this healthy recipe for my four-year-old daughter who is crazy about pizzas. She muttered "very good" all the way while munching and savoring it for breakfast. I have tried modifying this recipe a few times just to perfect it, and I encourage you to also try it because it has all the nutritious stuff in it, plus preparing it is as easy as ABC! Takes me only 10 minutes to get ready the lip-smacking pizza slices for the oven!


150g ham slices (cut into small 1inch by 1 inch squares)

5 slices of soft white bread

1-2 tablespoon of Fireweed, Rewarewa or Tawari honey to spread

10 tablespoonfuls shredded Mozarella cheese

3 tomatoes (chopped finely, drain away juice)

Dashes of mixed ground spices – sesame, oregano, basil, pepper, thyme, and rosemary

honey pizza picture


Spread honey on bread slices.

1. Lay tomatoes pieces evenly on the bread, followed by ham squares.

2. Spread cheese on top and finish off by sprinkling the mixed spices.

3. Place in the oven at 140 C degrees for 25-30 minutes.

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