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Infection Treatment Q&A

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Here's a collection of questions related to Honey for Infection Treatment that visitors of Benefits of Honey have asked via the Just Ask Page.

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Infection Treatment Q&A

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Question: Can I apply Manuka honey for virginal infection?

Reply: Yes, Manuka honey is a great choice of honey. Instructions on the application are found here: Yeast infection? Try Honey Remedy.

Question: My daughter got burnt 3 months ago,the doctor said that it was 2nd degree,she has been going for dressing now but it is taking long to heal and the wound looks fresh though is a small area remaining,what can i do to speed up the healing?

Reply: Honey is known to be effective for healing wounds. Raw honey is most ideal (Get Manuka honey if this is available to you). Before applying honey, make sure the affected area is clean and sterile. Spread the honey on the wound and cover it with a dressing pad. Change it twice or more daily (if there is fluid exuding from the wound, more frequent change of dressing would be required.)

Question: Someone told me I can use honey as an eye drop for my pink eye. Is it really true?

Reply: Radical and scary it may sound, there have been many reports about honey being used as an eye drop for eye infections, sore eyes, and even cataracts. Honey can be directly applied on the infected eyes or diluted with water before using. More in: Honey for Eye Infection.

Question: I have gum recession. Would you recommend applying the Propolis diectly to the gum tissue or buying a more processed Propolis product to use (i.e., toothpaste, tincture)?

Reply: Freshly collected propolis is supposed to be sticky and easy to apply on the gums (best if you can get these from your local beekeeper and can ensure its quality). But most of the fresh propolis we consumers often get is processed, dried and lumpy and so is not easy to be used on the gums. You can also consider getting propolis tincture which is easy to apply; add a few drops on cotton and rub on the affected area. Some people react to propolis, so you may want to do a patch test before applying on all affected area. Processed propolis can also be quite effective, at the end of the day it's about your balance of convenience and potency of the substance and individual's reaction to it. Read:

Propolis: The Natural Antibiotic

Question: Can you treat Lichen Planus with honey?

Reply: Some people have found applying Manuka honey externally on lesions from Lichen Planus to be effective. Read:

The Miraculous UMF Manuka Honey

Question: I have been told honey can be used as a burn aid. Is it true?

Reply: Honey is an excellent natural cure for burns and scalds. Many people have reported the effectiveness of applying honey on the affected area. It helps remove pain and heal the skin quickly. Read:

Honey as Burn Treatment

Question: Can I use honey to treat cold sore on around my mouth?

Reply: Yes, many people have used honey to clear cold sores on lips faster. Dab pure honey on the sores a few times daily.

Question: Is honey a cure for cuts?

Reply: Yes, pure honey is a natural cure in first aid treatment for wounds and cuts. It absorbs moisture from the air and promotes healing. And its antibacterial properties prevent infection and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. UMF Manuka is a popular honey varietal for wound application due to its strong antibacterial property.

Question: How exactly do you cure infection of yeast or thrush with honey? Do you mean it heals it from just eating it, or actually applying it on the area?

Reply: It is an external application treatment, i.e applying onto the affected area. Many websites advise the following: "Sit on the toilet and apply honey liberally over the affected area. Let it stay for five to ten minutes and then bathe to clean up. Do this twice a day, morning and just before going to bed at night."

Read: Yeast infection? Not Again!

Question: I have a friend that has psoriasis bad on elbows. We live in key west surrounded by salt water. I told him he should go to the beach and soak in salt water. How can honey help here?

Reply: You might want to read about Propolis mixed with honey as a topical application for relieving psoriasis.

Question: I heard that honey could be used as a remedy to minor cuts and scrapes, and it works better than something like neosporin. Is it true?

Reply: Indeed honey has been hailed by some as an effective antiseptic for cuts and scrapes. Clean the wound and apply raw honey directly.


Honey the Tastiest Antibiotic

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Question: My daughter has very bad eczema. I was told that honey and cinnamon would help. How does it work?

Reply: Honey and cinnamon have been used as folk remedy for eczema due to their anti-bacterial properties. You can give it a try. Honey generally is good for keeping skin hydrated, but there are honeys with stronger anti-microbial effects that are popularly used for skin problems, for instance, Manuka UMF honey with its antibacterial potency is used on its own to heal eczema and other skin infections. And, naturally, Manuka honey and cinnamon are also being used together for healing the skin.

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