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If I put Carmex or any chap stick my lips will swell up and I will get little bumps on my lips...

Briana Perez, United States
22 Sep 2012

Honey! Has done miracles for my face. It has honestly prevented many acne pimples on my complexion! I leave in all natural honey on for 30 minutes or more and wash it off. My face feels soft and it glows!!!

Kristin Kenney, United States
18 Sep 2012

I wouldn't go a day without it! It's the best thing ever.

Euyevia-Kardelle Kaliviotis, Australia
13 Sep 2012

I have redness I need use honey for every day on morning wash on my face?

Thalia Galarza, United States
3 Sep 2012

Ruth: You may want to try using honey as a facial mask for the redness. Apply a spoon of honey on the face like a mask. Leave it on for about 30 min and rinse off. Repeat 3-4 times a week. This posting may be useful to you: Rosacea Cure with Honey

For glowing face honey is very good. It will help our face to be free from scars.

Shiney James, India
15 July 2012

It was very refreshing.

Puwashagi Kanagarajha, Sri Lanka
11 Apr 2012

Honey a super natural medicine, nothing like it.

Lilian Nnamani, Nigeria
16 Feb 2012

Applying honey once a week helps skin bring back the glow and it reduces wrinkles.

Lourdesjoy Ortega, The Philippines
28 Jan 2012

Honey with warm milk enhances fair complexion.

Faysal, Pakistan
5 Jan 2012

Applying honey and lemon juice works very well....I've applied it and believe me it is awesome. It leaves skin smooth and nice to touch.

Abhilasha Garg, India
19 Nov 2011

Honey is very good sustitute for sugar and its warm and soothing texture is good for coughs and throat irritation. When applied on skin with lemon and kept for 15 minutes and washed off , it is very good for skin look and feel.

Gagandeep Kaur, India
4 Oct 2011

I beleive honey is good for lifestyle.

Adamu Yerima, Nigeria
22 Aug 2011

I've been suffering from pimples breakouts since high school. Any over-the-counter medicines and doctor visits didn't help.

Since last month, I tried to put honey on my face overnight and daily washing of honey-olive oil-sugar mixture doesn't make any irritation on my skin. And it makes my face and hands supple.

Really nothing beats the natural!

Xergs Ikaw Pa Rin, The Philippines
26 Jun 2011

I had acne on my back and it left scars all over. I put honey on it and let it sit for about 5-10 min and washed it off in the shower. When I came out all the scars were mostly gone and no more acne!! I did it the next day and all the scars are gone! I also use it as a facial wash and I love it! I love honey!!

Nora, United States
15 Jun 2011

I have just treated my face with honey and it looks so fresh and radiant. Honey is good for the body both inside and out.

Kalsoom Memon, Pakistan
19 Oct 2010

Honey works just fine on its own (especially if one is otherwise healthy and enjoys a strong immune system). You can add as much as you wish, but seeing as I am male, I don't fuss about pampering my beauty, I simply want healthy skin and (usually) relief from sunburn.

I don't have all day, either. So I take a bit of honey in a cup when I go to the shower. I apply the honey to a wet skin (anywhere that needs some care), let it stay on for a while, then proceed with the shower. No fuss, no bother, just good results......... cheap too!

This works well at the beach too, although the sand can be a bit abrasive if one is not careful. Just hop back into the surf for a rinse off and you've beaten the sun, enhanced the tan, fed the skin and supported the world's greatest product: Natural Honey.

John Smith, Australia
23 Feb 2010

Honey applied on the scalp n rubbed in well, helps in falling hair. After my operation, my hair started falling from the roots.It had got me worried that i'm going to become bald.

My aunt told me to put honey and leave it on for an hour and then wash it off. It has really helped.

And on the face, it does miracles.

Honey is very good if you apply it on any wound, may it be a cut or burn or swelling or even a boil, honey is the best medicine for dressing.


Nirmal Jandu, Tanzania
23 Feb 2010

I have just treated my face with honey and it looks so fresh and radiant. Honey is good for the body both inside and out.

Zainab Natasha, Kenya
23 Feb 2010

Good site, lots of ideas new to me... buckwheat honey (darker variety) has more antioxidants. Facials, just wash face with soap, rinse, then apply honey all over face leaving on for about 3 mins or longer if possible. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. You'll see the good results... you don't have to add other ingredients like suggested in this site, just go pure honey facial for best results.

Me, United Kingdom
11 Dec 2009

Wow...I have been searching the net for ages for 'a miracle' to relieve my face from disaster.

I have been suffering from severe facial acne for sometime now. This year has been the worst ever. I always wanted to try something natural.

I know that it may be too early to even place a testimonial here but I can already feel a difference and see this thing working on my face.

I applied the mixture of 3 Tbsp honey and 1 tsp cinammon as a paste on my face approx 20 mins ago and I am not kidding you, this thing is already working like magic!! I can actually feel my pores opening up and my face is tingling all over... It is drawing out all the impurities from my skin.

I cannot believe I am actually on my way to a cure for this unsightly acne on my face! Thank God for this miracle!! I can't wait to see the changes (no matter how long it takes).

I truly believe this paste will work - it is natural and far better than all those toxic stuff on the market

I highly recommend it. For those of you who suffer with acne, try it for yourself!!

Lorrie, United Kingdom
20 Nov 2009

Honey and table salt mask. Helps with my acne and clears up my pore, bye bye blackheads.

Michelle G., Canada
18 Nov 2009

I have been using honey on my hair ever since I discovered it's wonderful conditioning properties. I mix my own conditioner - 1 tsp. of honey plus 6 teaspoons of water. I also sometimes mix honey with a regular conditioner. It's unbelievable how soft and shiny my hair has become. I recommended it to a relative who has coarse and brittle hair. He now swears by it!

I've started using it as a facial wash too. Just a quarter-sized amount of honey applied on my wet face is enough to give it a thorough cleansing. I sometimes add a little baking soda if I want a little extra exfoliation. My skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized WITHOUT the residues often left by other soaps and cleansers.

Bratirella, The Philippines
5 Nov 2009

I have always thought that honey's magical benefits are rumors until I experienced them myself. Since teenage, i have had some unsightly acne scars on my face. I recently started using honey as a mask for 20 minutes after which wash my face with warm water. It is only a week now and it is working magic. Thanks to God for all this wisdom.

Jimmy, Kenya
2 Nov 2009

I use honey mixed with egg to make a face mask. I leave it on for 2 to 5 min before I wash it off. Most people who don't know me personally have commented that I look younger than my age. Thanks to the home made face mask made from honey.

Aea Evara, Papua New Guinea
10 Oct 2009

Apply some honey on your lips at night before you sleep to have this fabulous pink lips! My friends recommended this to me because my lips are always chapped and pale.

Nur, Malaysia
24 May 2009

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