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14 Articles to Kick-Start a Successful Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet consistently and persistently does make a world of difference!

1)Not all fats are equal. Know how to choose good fats over bad fats in Low Fat Diet: What does it Comprise?

2) The Controversial Atkins Diet: Helpful or Harmful?

3) Why People are so Crazy over Wheatgrass despite its Nasty Taste? The Benefit of Wheatgrass.

4) Why celebrities, restaurants, and lifestyle books and magazines are extolling and touting the benefits of eating raw food?

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5) Check if your most pressing question about raw food diet is answered in this Q & A page.

6) What makes food organic? Why so many are prepared to pay extra for organic food?

7) Why some people become so interested in health food? What convicts them want to change their lifestyle and eating habits? Read: Why Health Food Matters and Makes a Difference.

8) The notion of yin and yang is a Chinese form of expressing certain set of symptoms or sensations. Learn how you can classify foods in a Chinese way! What are Heaty and Cooling Foods?

9) Peek into the Mediterranean Diet and Discover the Secret of Staying Skinny.

10) Honey is a "no-no" for diabetics if you ask the doctor. But were you told that honey is a healthier choice in the diabetic diet than table sugar and any other non-nutritive sweeteners?

11) Are we sure we know what Healthy Eating is? Do you eat foods or nutrients?

12) Just as there are more superior sugars, like honey, there are also also better fats, such as olive oil. More in: Olive Oil, a Healthier Choice of Fat.

13) Discover the health benefits of drinking tea regularly in: Perfect Match of Tea and Honey.

14. Want a healthy gourmet salad recipe using honey and pomegranate balsamic dressing? Go grab Gorgeous Salad Recipe by Chef Jono

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