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Get a Honey Recipe from Ruth

Looking for a honey recipe that is unique and mouth-watering, try Ruth's. Below is a list. Enjoy! (For better health reasons, sugar can be easily replaced by honey in most of the food you prepare yourself. Here, I have chosen a few recipes which I find honey to be an especially great substitute in terms of resulting flavor.)

Honey Chocolate Recipe

If you love chocolates, here is a healthier option with honey as the sweetener.

Fruity Ice Pop Recipea>

Honey fruity pop, a perfect summer delight! And who says popsicals cannot be healthy?

Honey Banana Muffin Recipe

A healthier version of muffins using a small amount of honey instead of cups of table sugar. Get the awesome chococlate and banana version here.

Soft Moist Banana Cake Recipe

Check out this spongy, soft, moist cake baked with fresh bananas!

Chewy Pretzel Recipe

Make some Auntie Anne pretzels for afternoon tea.

Spongy Pandan Cake Recipe

Who says you can't bake sponge cakes with honey.

Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe

Try my personally concocted Honey Pickles Recipe, oriental style! I have replaced sugar with honey using the traditional way of preparing Chinese pickles.

health benefits of honey Perfect Honey Pizza Recipe

If you are looking for kids honey recipes, don't miss this Perfect Honey Pizza Recipe -- I specially designed it for my kid!

Thai Honey Mango Salad Recipe Honey Mango Salad - Thai Style!

When I replaced sugar for clover honey in my Thai Green Mango Salad, the dish takes a very different note -- a more enhanced yet subtle fruity taste. Try this exotic appetizer, an easy recipe.

grilled honey wings Exotic Grilled Honey Wings

If you are looking for crispy, aromatic, sizzling and juicy wings, follow my recipe.

honey bread recipe Honey Bread Recipe

Add a wholesome choice of food to your diet by making your own preservatives-free honey bread.

honey recipe Healthy Mushroom Recipe

Learn a mushroom recipe and discover a fabulous culinary substitute for high calorie meat!

honey recipe image Winter Melon Barley Soup Recipe

Boil some great tasting wintermelon barley soup to ease off body "heatiness".

honey recipe image Honey Pineapple Tart Recipe

Learn how to bake mouth-watering pineapple tart for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Free Sweet and Sour Recipe eBook

Share with us you experience with honey and get a free copy of the fabulous Sweet and Sour Recipe ebook!

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